Compiled by Sapna Saxena
Palampur is a town founded by British tea planters and is one of the major stations in Kangra valley. Palampur is a fascinating spot in the Kangra Valley surrounded on all sides by tea gardens and pine forests.The place enjoys a healthy climate and the pine scented air is said to have curative properties.

The quaint landscape filled with meticulously maintained tea gardens is very scenic, while the hills are majestic.This city is the Trigarta of old.In local parlance the word for lot of water is "pulum".This is what has given Palampur its name and its water that has given the valley so much of its character.The town came into being when the tea bush was introduced in the 19th century and Palampur became a focus for the planters.
Kangra tea, with its center at Palampur, has been internationally acclaimed since then.To further bless the area with remarkable natural beauty, the Dhauladhar ranges rise dramatically from the earth.

Palampur is also known as the 'Tea Capital of North India,' is a popular hill station because it is not only known for its scenic beauty but also for the beautiful temples and buildings built in the Colonial period. Here a nature lover can enjoy a quiet stroll while feasting his eyes on the natural beauty and an outdoor lover with a taste for adventure can enjoy hand gliding and trekking during the holiday.It has something for all tastes, which makes it an ideal holiday resort for many.
Places to be visited
Neugal Khad : a Scenic Spot with acres of Tea gardens around.
Agriculture University : is a well laid out campus with vast open spaces that provides research backup to the farming community.
Gopalpur : Small Zoo of Himalayan Birds.
Andretta : is a scenic village that famous playwright Norah Richards and artist Shobha Singh. At small open air theatre plays are still performed each summer to commemorate orah Richard’s contribution to dramatics. Shoba Singh’shouse has been converted into an art Gallery where the famous artist works are on permanent display.
Al Hilal - Land of Crescent Moon known as Taragarh Palace.
Tashijong ( Tibetan Monastery )
Baijnath Temple : (15 Km) harbours an exquisite specimen of the thirteenth century temple architechturein finely chiselled stone. Dedicated of Lord Shiva.
Mahakaal Temple: (22 Km) is considered to be only one of two temples dedicated to Lord Shiva as Mahakal in the country.
Bir : Tibetan Monastery amidst a tea plantation countryside.
Floriculture : All India Coordinated Floriculture Improvement Project was established in the year 1970-71 during fourth Five Year Plan, operating initially at Five centres. Solan was included as a centre of this project in the year 1975 and at present this centre is working on crops like; gladiolus, carnation, chrysanthemum, daffodils, Lilium and Alstroemeria.

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