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Places of Interest

A National Wildlife Park, is about 167 kms from Tura, also known as the abode of perpetual winds. It is believed that here, the spirits of the dead dwell temporarily before embarking on the final journey.

Naphak Lake
Located at a distance of 112 kms from Tura, ideal for fishing and bird watching with the river Simsang flowing nearby.

Siju Caves
The famous limestone caves of Siju are located near Naphak Lake and the Simsang Game Reserve. The formation of stalagmites and stalactites in these caves resemble those of the Blue Grotto in the Isle of Capri.

Islocated at a distance of about 79 kms from Tura. A historical place where the Garos fought their final battle against the British. .

308 kms from Shillong via Guwahati. Headquarters of the East Garo Hills District, it is situated on the banks of the Simsang river.

Jowai, headquarters of the Jaintia Hills district is situated 64 kms away from Shillong, along the Shillong-Silchar national highway. A picturesque town circled by the majestic Myntdu river.

Places of Interest

Thadlaskein Lake
56 kms from Shillong, was according to legend, dug with the ends of bows by members of 290 clans of U Sajjar Niangli, a rebel general of Jaintia Raja, to commemorate the great exodus of the clans, now mainly settled, in the Ri Bhoi and West Khasi Hills districts. .

65 kms from Shillong, was the summer capital of the Jaintia Kings, of Sutnga State. Huge monoliths form the striking landmark of the village, said to be erected by Mar Phalyngki, a goliath ot yore. The Nartiang menhir measure 27 feet in height above the ground, 6 feet in breadth and 2 feet 6 inches in thickness. The monoliths represent the megalithic culture of the Hynniewtrep people. A 500 Years old temple of Durga is another attraction at Nartiang.

Village is dotted with a number of caves and caverns, used as hide-outs during war times between Jaintia kings and foreign intruders.




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