Want to come face to face with the famed Indian tiger!! Or see the rare Siberian crane at close   range??  

From the famous Indian tiger and the wild elephants to the graceful Indian deer, India has a diverse range of wildlife reserves that astound one with the variety on display. View some species that you may never see anywhere else in the world. Ashex has selected the best parks for your viewing pleasure. Wildlife tours....


  Corbett Wildlife Safari   Dudhwa Wildlife Safari  
  At the foothills of the Himalayas, visit the world famous Corbett National Park, where Project Tiger (conservation of Tigers) started.   Famed for its rhinos, this park also at the base of the Himalayas, now has a sizeable population of tigers, elephants, deers and bears also.  
  Bharatpur Birdwatching Safari   Ranthambore Wildlife Safari  


Colorful kingfishers, graceful pelicans and rare Siberian cranes are amongst 375 species of birds found here.


This is probably one of the finest habitat for the Sambar Deer. Well known for the diurnal activity of its tigers, it is indeed a special place.

  Nagarhole Safari   Bandhavgarh Safari  


A green world, rich in forests, little streams, undulating valleys and fascinating waterfalls, Nagarhole bubbles with varied animal life too


Situated among sal & bamboo forests and open grasslands, Bandhavgarh has the largest tiger density in India. Also a birdwatcher's paradise.

  Kanha Wildlife Safari   Gir Lion Safari  


Renowned for the conservation of the Swamp deer and Blackbuck, this "Kipling country" has beautiful meadows, plateaus and sal forests.


The Asiatic lion that once inhabited a wide stretch of land from Greece to India is today confined only to the stretch of land in the Sasan Gir.

  Sariska Wildlife Safari   Kabini Wildlife Safari  


Situated on the northern parts of the Aravali hills, Sariska declared a Tiger reserve in 1979 has a wide spectrum of wildlife.


Kabini, a scenic delight amidst the Karapur forest is a steep valley with rich forests, spectacular pools and abounds with wild animals.

  Periyar Wildlife Safari   Bandipur Safari  


Periyar is a scenic park comprising the watershed of a reservoir. It provides one of the finest habitat for Asiatic Elephants.


Nestling some very rare animals and birds, Bandipur National Park is a fascinating wildlife centre at the foothills of the Nilgiris.

  Kaziranga Safari   Jaldapara Safari  


Spread over more than 340 sq. km of wet land, this park is the home of the one-horned Rhinoceros. It also attracts large numbers of migratory birds.


Lying at the foot of the Bhutan Hills, the park was established to protect the rhinoceros. It also has rich aviafauna such as the Bengal florican.



  Spanning across the country are more than 20 National Parks and well over 200 protected sanctuaries, encompassing 14 climatic zones and type of forest. For each forest type there is distinctive animal life most suitable to the climate. Following are few National Parks and sanctuaries, lesser known to people but equally fascinating in its natural life forms (For more information on the parks listed below, kindly contact us so that we can send you information on the same).  
  Northern India    
  Palamau (Betla) National Park, Bihar   Hemis National Park, Ladakh  


First ever tiger census in the world was carried in this national park. This park has about 140 species of birds apart from wide variety of animals. main animals are tiger, elephant, panther, leopard, wild boar and barking deer


Higher up in the snow clad ranges of Ladakh the elusive Snow Leopard lives in the company of brown bears, wild goats like the markhors and ibex. A very popular trekking route passes through this national park in Markha Valley.

  Sultanpur Jheel, Haryana   Great Himalayan National Park, H.P  


Very close to Delhi, Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary is located around a small lake and is known for large number of resident and migratory water-birds like Sarus cranes, ruddy and shell-duck, graying and bar-headed geese, painted storks, coots and spoonbills


Situated in the Kulu Valley of Himachal Pradesh, this park has large variety of wild animals and birds like Snow leopard, mountain goat, yak, cranes, brown and black bears.

  Southern India    
  Mudumulai Sanctuary, Tamil Nadu Dandeli Sanctuary, Karnataka  


The sanctuary is situated among mixed and moist deciduous forests. It borders Bandipur National Park in Karnatka and Wynad sanctuary of Kerala. Main wild animals of this park are elephant, gaur, chital, sambar tiger, panther, sloth bear and wild dog.


Situated among teak and bamboo grass forest, Dandeli Park provides an ideal habitat for tiger, elephant, gaur, leopard, chital, sambar, wilds boar, jackal etc.

  Eastern India    
  Simlipal National Park, Orrissa   Sunderbans National Park & Tiger Reserve, West Bengal  


Consisting mainly of sal forest and open grassland, this park has many variety of wild animals like tiger, elephant, gaur, chital, leopard, mouse deer, flying squirrel, mugger crocodile etc.


Situated among the estuarine mangrove forest, Sunderbans are most suitable habitat for tigers. Some important wild animals are tiger, saltwater crocodile, turtle and dolphins.

  Western India    
  Desert National Park, Rajasthan   Marine Sanctuary, Gujarat  


Close to Jaisalmer, this desert landscape of rolling sand dunes and sparse patches of scrubs has many exiting and interesting wild forms like desert cat, fox, caracal, gazelles, tawny eagle, short towed eagle, spotted eagle, kestrel and falcons.


On the Arabian Sea coast, this park has area of 457 sq. km. This park is famous for marine life, resplendent in its diversity of brilliant colors and species. A truly captivating experience that will leave you wondering at the richness that nature has on display.

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