Galibore Fishing And Nature Camp
Galibore, Karnataka.
The Galibore Fishing and Nature Camp is tucked away literally far from the maddening crowd, deep in the deciduous forests about ten km from Sangam, on the banks of the River Cauvery. There is no habitation of any kind for miles around and the only sounds are the birdcalls and the whistling of the wind. Indeed the place gets its name from a windy hillock called Galibore, situated just behind the camp.

The Camp is in the middle of wilderness overlooking the River Cauvery, surrounded by hills. The Camp itself is covered with trees lining both sides of the river. This is indeed a rough country. This is ideal for those who want total privacy and no crowd.


This Camp has 12 luxurious tented cottages with attached bath. However, there is no electricity here. We provide only hurricane/ solar lamps, which add to the rustic nature of the place. Located sufficiently away from any habitation, Galibore offers complete peace and tranquility.

Sit back under a gazebo and tuck into a buffet lunch or dinner, among other hungry souls like you. While breakfast is generally a quiet affair, as you savour the view and the natural ambience along with the food, the evening barbecue by the riverside is more spirited and lively. As twilight dissolves into the night, a bonfire is lit and while you recline on a lawn chair or swing leisurely in a hammock, preparations are afoot for the barbecue - of grilled chicken, fish or vegetables.

Hammocks are fixed outside each tent and hut for those who would like to laze or read a book in the open. A safe tumbling net is provided for guests to have a rollicking time.

Our hospitable naturalists and staff, ever willing to cater to your needs, will help you discover the subtle facets of nature - in its own mysterious ways.


Though fishing has been a huge industry in India for centuries, angling or sport fishing became a serious pastime only in the mid-19th century. British anglers of the Raj came in pursuit of the Trout and Salmon but found a creature that far surpassed other fish as a fighter - the Mahseer or The Large Headed One. It spawned an entire clan of adventurers (including the legendary Jim Corbett), who would travel to far-flung areas of the country just to battle with the mighty Mahseer.

In South India, as the Cauvery River flows out of the Western Ghats to Tamil Nadu plains, it cuts deep gorges and creates vast rapids, many pools and thus holding areas for the huge Mahseer. JLR has exclusive rights to vast stretches of the Cauvery. Four different kinds of Mahseer are found in these waters – Silver, Gold, balck and Pink. However, in light of decreasing sizes and numbers of good specimens, 'Catch-and-Release' has become a necessary practice. Other fish often found are carp , catfish and many small ones useful as bait.

JLR’s Galibore Fishing and Nature Camp is a perfect base for anglers in pursuit of the Mighty one. The fishing season here is during the months of February, March, April and till mid-May. Guests are provided with a local guide or ‘gillie’ for every two visitors. Gillies help anglers with their knowledge of the waters and are experienced fishermen themselves. They also are adept at using the coracle boats (native, circular boats made out of buffalo hide) and can move guests from place to place in the waters. JLR provides the coracles to cross the river and also to help with the landing of fish

Fishing is done during the morning, which lasts from first light until midday and then again from 4 o'clock until nightfall. Also, only a maximum of 10 rods are allowed to be in the water during a single session. Fishing techniques that are possible on these waters are Bait fishing, Fly fishing and Spinning. Bait is also provided – baked Ragi (millets) paste, freshwater crabs, chilva and sometimes figs are the main ones used.

Day One
12 noon Check-in
01.30 p.m Lunch
04.00 p.m Tea/Coffee
04.30 p.m Coracle Ride and Joy Fishing
07.30 p.m Campfire and Barbecue
08.30 p.m Dinner

Day Two
06.00 a.m Wake-up call, tea/coffee
06.30 a.m Guided trek / nature walk
09.30 a.m Breakfast
11.00 a.m Checkout.
Tariff 16th September 2009 to 15th June 2010
Tented Cottage
Package Inludes: Stay, Lunch, Dinner & Breakfast, Coracle Ride, Joy Fishing, Guided Trekking, Forest Entry Fees, Camera Fees & Taxes.
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