The Serai
Chikmagalur, Karnataka.
The resort is a fine example of seamlessly integrating luxury and fecundity of nature, each enhancing the other; a unique building typology that makes The Serai a one-of-a-kind, world class resort.

The Serai is designed such, it is as if the entire resort emanates from and is aligned to a central flowing water spine, which forms the ‘genus loci’ and unifies the resort.

The Serai is an exquisite collage of strong, bold axial lines, a variety of materials and textures, interplay of levels, framing of picturesque views, connecting walkways and lighting harmonious with the exquisite landscape. The minimalist architecture & interiors blend effortlessly with the coffee estate.
The central edifice that houses the reception lobby, the restaurant, the bar, the spa and other facilities, towers over an elegant ‘vanishing edge’ pool. The exclusive pendants in the lobby and porch are of a special paper made of pressed seeds and leaves from the estates. Occupying the pride of place is a fabulous mural inspired by and reflecting the symmetry of nature. The dark hued granite flooring adds a dramatic finishing touch.

The cottages themselves are laid out on the flanks of the central flowing water spine.
Planned with utmost care, each fitted out with some of the most modern and luxurious amenities, on par with the best there is!

The bathing area is a natural extension of the bedroom. Surrounded by greenery, a glass wall blurs the boundary between Nature and the interiors.

To enhance the feeling of blending totally with the natural environs, most of the materials used for the interiors are indigenous to the plantations, he highlight of course, the natural rosewood floor. In keeping with our Environment Conservation policy, only dead or fallen trees - 105 of them - collected and processed over a twenty-year period, went into the making of this unique flooring!.
The resort is viewed as a contemporary response to the needs of creating luxury and to the fecundity of the nature around thereby creating a unique building typology that serves the ultimate aim of creating a world class resort.

The design was aligned along a central spine of water that served to unify the entire resort and also create a sense of "genus loci" – the spirit of the place. The contemporary minimalist architecture & interiors blends effortlessly with the coffee estate. The central edifice that houses the reception, the restaurant, the bar, the spa and other facilities is fronted by an elegant vanishing edge pool with the cottages laid out along an axis that blends with the hills on the horizon. The cottages have been planned with utmost care incorporating some of the most modern amenities that is comparable with the best in the world.

The use of bold elements in the form of strong axial lines, the use of a variety of materials and textures, the play of levels and framing of picturesque views, the connecting walkways, the detailing of lighting in harmony with the exquisite landscape all come together.
The basis for color has been coffee as the resort is situated within a coffee plantation. Moreover various elements of coffee have been used in the form of plants, mugs, beans etc.

The natural scenery has been integrated with the design, giving it an open feel. Nature has been brought into the interiors. This is best exemplified by the open wash room, open shower among others.

To give a natural feel, most materials have been procured from the plantations. The highlight is the natural rosewood flooring with a mildly unfinished look giving uniqueness both in terms of texture and the material.

Interestingly we have not cut any trees to obtain the rosewood. 105 fallen & dead trees collected over a period of twenty years have processed and used.

Hand made materials have been used namely in the lighting in the restaurant and lobby along with accessories in the bathrooms among others.
Each residence presents an eclectic combination of classic and contemporary design, global and local architecture and material. Each has a private pool and a gazebo, constructed with “Chapdi” - the stone indigenous to the area. The floors inside are of rosewood - a novelty in this day & age - and specially commissioned photographs of areas and subjects particular to the Western Ghats adorn the walls. In keeping with our ‘inclusive’ philosophy, over the large windows are draped Chatais (blinds) hand woven by the physically challenged and destitute women of rural areas. The trays and flower bowls in the bath areas are handmade, too!

The Residence
The Residence is a retreat offering refined elegance along with exclusivity and privacy. It occupies its own private area at the end of the central axis of the resort comprising of a master bedroom, a second bedroom, living & dining room. One can entertain family and friends in the private dining room and in the large pool. You have a great view of the thick green foliage which surrounds the coffee estate, letting you be one with nature.

An epitome of exclusivity and privacy, The Residence is set a discreet distance away from the central axis of the resort. The Residence is very tastefully appointed, combining local and contemporary sensibilities. All in all, a delightful medley of luxury and verdant Nature to entertain family and friends or indulge in private moments of quiet contemplation.

The Estate Terrace
Each of these two tiered villas has elevated positions with glorious views of the coffee plantations and the surrounding greenery. The room on the upper tier provides ample space to contemplate the beauty of your surroundings and find inner harmony. It affords glorious views of the paddy fields which border one part of the estate. Below, alongside the sitting room, a private pool beckons with a personal day bed allowing you to put the vagaries of life behind and soak in the beauty of the world around you, whilst the surrounding calm helps dissipate the stress and rigours of a hectic lifestyle.

The Estate Villa
These single-floor villas are havens of tranquility. Pick between villas with private pools or a Jacuzzi – your own path to relaxation. Sink into the day bed below the gazebo and enjoy the natural beauty all around thanks to the non intrusive border between the villas and estate.

The interiors are an elegant combination of modernity and local architecture. Open large sliding glass doors to reveal the room’s interiors which feature a combined living room and bedroom with a generous view of the landscape outside. The tastefully designed bedroom and luxurious bathroom place onus on privacy and comfort.
Activities for our guests at The Serai has been carefully designed keeping in mind the myriad tastes of our guests.

History beckons those who visit Chikmagalur. We arrange for trips to places in and around Chikmagalur. You could visit Belur, Halebid or take a trip to Sringeri, even!.

Take a trek to Mullayanagiri – the highest peak in Karnataka. And if you still feel adventurous we can arrange for adventure sports like white water rafting, amongst others. The wildlife sanctuary at Bhadra is within an accessible distance.

Plantation Walks
You can walk around the estate experiencing each and every aspect nature has to offer, from tall trees to creepers and of course, coffee. You could go for a cross country jog, too, if you so wish!
For those who would like to know a little more about coffee, you could also visit Kudregundi – a coffee plantation of ABCTCL, and get new, fresh perspectives on coffee!

In The Serai
You can relax in the infinity pool or play a game of billiards at the resort itself. And if you want a little more exercise, cycle on the buggy track around the resort.

Oma - The Spa
A retreat from the pressing worries of the modern world. With a unique blend of Indian and international treatments and approaches, OMA is the place for physical, mental and spiritual rejuvenation.
Using myriad schools of therapy and finely honed skills in the tactile arts, attuned, sensitive and responsive to your every need, our therapists devote themselves entirely to your physical and spiritual well being.

Odyssey - The Cuisines of the World Restaurant

Activities at The Serai has been carefully designed keeping in mind the myriad tastes of our guests.
You can walk around estate experiencing each and every aspect which nature has to offer, from the tall trees to the creepers and ofcourse – coffee. For those who would like to know a little more about coffee, you could also visit another coffee plantation to get an added perspective.

Given Chikmagalur’ s historical importance, we arrange for trips in and around Chikmagalur.
If you are not the adventurous frame of mind, you can relax in the infinity pool or play a game of billiards at the resort itself.

Detailed Direction

Take the Tumkur Road from Bangalore.
At the junction before Nelmangala take the left turn towards to Hassan and Managalore. This is NH 48.
On the highway towards Hassan take a right turn to get into the town of Hassan. Keep following the main road.
Take a left and then come to Thannirhalla junction. At Thannirhalla take a right turn to Chikmagalur and go forward for another 50 km.

When you reach Chikmagalur, you will come to the Government Hospital Jn. Take a left there.
Go straight and you will see the DC office on your right.
The road takes a turn to the right (it is practically a U turn) and take a left. You will reach KM road.
Take a left on KM Road.
Notice Café Coffee Day, followed by the Amber Valley Residential School on your left.
2.5 km further is The Serai.

By Rail
Chikmagalur city does not have a railway station. The closest railheads are at Birur, Kadur and Tarikere.

By Air
Chikmagalur district does not have an airport. Airports at Mangalore, Bangalore and Hubli can be used as alternatives. There are plans to develop an airport near Marle village about 10 km from the town.
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