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The most exclusive of the Lakshadweep islands is Bangaram, a holiday resort which can be genuinely described as an unspoiled tropical paradise, one of the last, perhaps, anywhere in the world. BANGARAM ISLAND   RESORT The most exclusive of the Lakshadweep islands is Bangaram, a holiday resort which can be genuinely described as an unspoiled tropical paradise, one of the last, perhaps, anywhere in the world.

The most exclusive of the Lakshadweep islands is Bangaram, a holiday resort which can be genuinely described as an unspoiled tropical paradise, one of the last, perhaps, anywhere in the world. There are no indigenous inhabitants - only palm trees and sandy beaches Ė and the number of visitors is strictly limited. The island sits in its own lagoon, a hundred shades of blue hinting at hidden works below. Whether you are a scuba diver or a sun seeker, idle or adventurous, this is the ultimate retreat: private, peaceful and timeless.

Bangaram Island - 128 acres of tropical paradise. Enscondes in a vast truquoise blue lagoon. Accommodation has been limited to give each guest acres of beach and miles of lagoons. A magical world to lose yourself in..... Climate Min 27C Max 32C
Location 200 nautical miles from south West coast of India, Transfers from Agatti airport to Bangaram 1.30 hrs by boat. During monsoon, transfers are by helicopters.

Your first tantalizing glimpse of the island is from the comfort of a twin propped Fokker F-27-500. Visitors take a one-hour flight from Cochin airport on the mainland to Agatti. As you fly in over the atolls, each one wrapped in its own limpid lagoon, there is an exhilarating sense that no one has ever been here before. Once at Agatti, you board a boat and set off for Bangaram, an hour and a half away. (During the monsoons, when the sea is rough, a helicopter flies you there in ten minutes.) Itís a thrilling journey, the aquamarine water darkening as the boat negotiates the coral reef and heads out to the deep open sea. Bangaram is waiting, as it has always done its palm trees and beaches silhouetted against the setting sun.


The Resort: Accommodation on the island is simple. Set in 128 acres, there are thirty tiled-roof beach huts, each with its own palm thatched verandah, en suite bathroom, ceiling fan and fridge. In a bid to preserve Bangaramís unique environment, a hotel atmosphere has been avoided intentionally, but there are enough creature comforts to ensure your stay is an enjoyable one. There are also four bungalows, which are bigger and offer more privacy. (Occasionally, islander from Agatti arrive by boat to harvest coconuts from trees which they still own.)

At the heart of the resort is the restaurant hut, our architectural pride and joy. It si made out of bamboo and palm fronds, and constructed around one tall central pole. All meals are served here and the chef prepare a wide range of continental and Indian dishes (meat and vegetarian). He is more than happy to cook any fish which you might have caught yourself, and in a variety of ways. The atmosphere is informal, and in the evenings a barbecue is often lit on the beach and dinner served outside. There is also the bar hut, which serves beer and a range of cocktails, including Planters Punch and Bangaram Binge.

For those who want to do nothing more than soak up the sun, the 128-acre island is fringed with an endless sandy beach. The lagoon is vast and shallow near the shore, allowing you to swim in safety or to walk out to one of the seductive sandbanks. There are no treacherous currents, just a cooling sea breeze and tropical fish for company. In the late afternoon, the staffs sometimes play beach volleyball and anyone can join in. There is also a carrom board in the bar, and a well-stocked library with books in Malayalam, Italian, German and English.

 The Lakshadweep islands are a string of unspoilt tropical islands located off the coast of Kerala out of which only a few are inhabited. Bangaram island is uninhabited and is a veritable tropical paradise. Just miles of beaches, lagoons and sandy beaches, with coconut trees forming a fitting backdrop.

Water Sports:The resort itself is set on 128 acres of pristine lands with 34 individual beach huts and bungalows all with ensuite bathrooms, ceiling fans & fridges. The restaurant is practically on the beach, serving Indian & Continental cuisine, with accept on seafood. The vast lagoon itself offers a variety of activities such as Scuba diving, fishing, snorkeling or just soaking up the sun & sand.



Facilities on the island have been carefully designed to respect a delicate eco-system. On Bangaram, less is more. TVs, telephones and newspapers have been left behind on the mainland, but there is a wide range of activities on offer: scuba diving (with an internationally recognised instructor), snorkeling, (perfect for the inexperienced swimmer since the conditions inside the reef are so calm), catamaran sailing, deep sea fishing, rafting and kayaking. The food is Indian and continental, with an emphasis on local seafood. Visitors, never more than 60, stay in simple beach huts on the far side of the island: the rest is left undisturbed, ready for you to explore. Each person has, on average, at least two acres to himself, and the only noise is the distant roar of waves breaking on the reef. Just like it was, in fact, when shipwrecked sailors are said to have discovered Bangaram in the 4the century A.D.

scub diving  
From 01st Feb 2010 to 28th Feb 2010 (PEAK SEASON)

Standard Hut: Rs.20,000/- Per Couple
Deluxe Hut (Sleeps 04): Rs.33,500/- (Sleeps 04)

From 01st Mar 2010 to 30th Apr 2010 (HIGH SEASON)

Standard Hut: Rs.17,000/- Per Couple
Deluxe Hut (Sleeps 04): Rs.31,000/- (Sleeps 04)

Package Includes: Accommodation, Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner & Taxes.
Transport: Boat Transfer Agatti-Bangaram-Agatti Rs.1400/- per person including tax.

All visitors to Lakshadweep need an Entry Permit. Please send us the following information when making your bookings
Foreign Tourists - Full Name, Nationality, Passport Numbers, Date and Place of Issue, Date of Expiry, Date and Place of Birth. Indian Visa Number & Date of Expiry

PERMIT FEES: INR 200 per person (Above 18 years) & INR 100 per person (Below 18 years);

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