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Chanwa Fort
  Jodhpur, Rajasthan.

 CHANWA FORT - Maharaja Jaswant Singh II Ruler of Jodhpur Marwar from 1876-1895 A.D. is remembered as the benign Monarch who steered the administration and economy of Marwar away from chaos and instability to a period of sustained development and security and justice for all. Amongst the prominent civil servants in this Ruler's coterie of administrators, was a young Charan named Kaviraj Muraridanji. He was an astute politician and a farsighted administrator. In 1894 Kaviraj Muraridanji received in Jagir the little known hamlet of Chanwa. There he built an exquisite little Fortress palace today known as Fort Chanwa. Fort Chanwa of Luni is an exceptional example of Elegance and Symmetry in Indian architecture of the last century. The entire fortress is carved out of the famous red sandstone of Jodhpur and with its ornately carved lattice work friezes and intricate Jherokas it exquisitely captures the romance and grace of a bygone age. 


Fort Chanwa has twenty three authentically renovated rooms (with attached bathrooms) each different from the other. Fort chanwa's courtyards are peaceful heavens where guests can unwind for the day and spend the afternoons leisurely reading or relaxing in the Sun. There is a Traditional pool to cool off fatigue and refresh oneself. The Fort has a bar which is well-stocked to suit different tastes and an evening bazaar to pick up gifts and nick-nacks.


Their honoured guests can relish Traditional Rajasthani cuisine which is specially prepared by cooks who have served the family through the generations. Candle-light dinners with folk musicians singing in the background brings in nostalgia and old world charm. The family takes pleasure in organizing Gala Lunches and Dinners (upto 150 pax) with Traditional or made to order menu. The guests can enjoy their meals as well as witness local dances at the same time and get the true taste of Indian hospitality and culture. 


 Yours to Pick : Excursions You can take a walk in the village surrounding the fort and get acquainted with the local rural lifestyles and the people. Jeep Excursions can be made to the countryside where one can familiarise oneself with the unique culture and lifestyles of the 'Bishnois', 'Raikas'…etc. Their guests can also get glimpses of people engaged in various crafts like Block Painting, Shawl and 'Durry' weaving. The unique Safari also includes a wildlife section in which our guests can see Antelopes, like Blue bull, Black buck etc.(Which are protected by the Bishnois who are strict conservationists) as well as different types of birds. Theye also organise Horse and Camel rides in and around the rural countryside combining experience with Adventure.


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