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Castle Pachar

Castle Pachar Shekkawati - The resort is surrounded by sand dunes on one side and Ganpat jheel on the other. Pachar is an excellent hideout for a pleasant holiday. Potters working on their wheels, mojdi (shoe) makers and weavers singing Rajasthani popular tunes as they work can be observed at close quarters.

The village of Pachar was gifted to Thakur Guman Singhji by the maharaja of Jaipur in recognition of his bravery in the battle of Maonda against Raja Jawaharmal of Bharatpur.The descendents of Thakur Guman Singhji have now thrown open their castle residence for tourists. Rang Mahal is the hub of activity of the castle. It is colorfully decorated with family portraits, paintings and arms. It is quite different from anything else in other castles of Rajasthan.



Rooms still have the character and reflection of their original occupants. The furnishing and décor has not been changed much and the visitor can still get a glimpse of the splendid past of Rajasthan while staying in the rooms. The rooms reflect a way of life. All the rooms are different in construction, some have pillared divisions others have a wall dividing the beds from the sitout area. The rooms have been decorated and furnished in traditional style, all basic comforts have been taken care of. All rooms have an attached bath with running hot and cold water.

Accommodations are available in the rawala, which has nine suites, five twin bedded rooms and two single rooms. All the rooms are different, some have pillared divisions and others have a wall dividing the beds from the sit out area. Each room is attached with bath and has running hot/cold water. They have been planned for basic comfort keeping an ethnic touch. Extensive use of muddas takes one back to the time when the castle came into being. Yet, comfort has been the hallmark of fittings. The rooms reflect a way of life. They have depiction of art and handicrafts and they also have a writing table, clothes closet, and etall.

The Deewan-e-khas (dining room) is a large hall divided into two portions by elevations. The pillars are decorated in traditional style and ambience. The cuisine is mainly Rajasthani except the breakfast, which is more or less continental. Use of excess cooking oil and spices is very carefully controlled. The choice of dishes has been made in keeping with family food tradition and making it palatable to foreign taste. Naturally, there are the lovely pickles and chutneys to add flavor.


The Rang Mahal is the lifeline of the castle colorfully decorated with family portraits, paintings, arms and comfortable furniture. This is one place guests will never tire of being in to relax. It is a three-tier affair, the large hall, the elevated sitout and a further elevated portion that houses the family temple. The pillars add a distinct stamp and the wooden railing above beautifies the premises. It is very different from anything else in the castles of Rajasthan


The village of Pachar is still traditional, one of the few in shekhawati. There is no major industry, except for a sawmill. Magnificient 'mojdi' makers, potters and weavers; plus the daily routine of farming community make Pachar a place to wander around.
Add to this the wonderful sandy belt extending to the temple of khatu shyamji - 10 kms away, where one can take a ride or do a jeep safari. There is ample to do and yet be relaxed, free from crowds, sound of vehicles and pollution.

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