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The Raj Palace 
Jaipur  Code No- AT-RJ28

 First Haveli of Jaipur and the first fully restored & centrally Air conditioned
Heritage Hotel in India with all modern amenities amidst old world charm.

We are ahead in time. The first mansion in Jaipur, the Raj Palace was built in 1728 by the Prime Minister of the Raj, Thakur Mohan Singhji of Chaumoo and has remained his descendant's residence until now. In 1997 the family renovated the elaborate complex of courtyards, arched corridors and residential quarters to restore the mansion to all of its original glory. Built on a sprawling complex, The Raj Palace is a testimony to the skills of master craftsmen. All building arts of Rajasthan, like frescoes, mirror and hand-painted works and stone carvings, among others, find exquisite expression in this architectural marvel. The service is as good as the ambience- royal in every way.

The reborn Raj Palace is scaled for intimacy and caring personal service, while providing every modern amenity for the comfort and convenience of travelers.  The Raj Palace is an extremely convenient place to stay during your visit to Jaipur. 

Being in the middle of four main palace complexes of Jaipur (Amer, Jaigarh Fort, Nahargarh Fort and the City Palace complex), it is located at a short distance from all sight-seeing and shopping places.

The glorious Raj Palace is situated in Jaipur, the last bastion of kachhwaha Rajput rulers. The first haveli (mansion) of the city, built in 1728 A.D. is now converted in to a centrally air-conditioned luxurious heritage hotel. The Raj Palace provides modern comfort with an old world charm, which includes 24-hour hot and cold water supply, a gym, shopping arcade, modern business centre and Diwan-E-Aam, a grand hall for gala theme occasions.


While there are many objective reasons to prefer The Raj Palace, there are others that can only be experienced never explained. The Raj Palace has 29 Rooms / Suites with 38 bedrooms overlooking towards Gardens, Chandani Chowk (Courtyard), and the pool. Each suite / room is unique and each seems still to breathe the spirit of illustrious guests who once stayed here.

The Palace Suites & Presidential suite offer the complete Royal apartment blocks within the Palace which include multiple bedrooms, Living rooms, Dining room, Private access to Home theatre, Gym Spa, Pool, Kitchen, Staff accommodation, Meeting rooms, Office, Library etc. they are actually own private Pavilions within The Palace

Our prestige suites were lived by the heads of the other royal Family guests. The crowned prince and the Maharani Sahiba. And other wives of Thakur Sahib - a bedroom where each guest would find recreated the comfort and elegance of finest level of Royal Luxury.

The historical rooms were lived by the Royal Dignitaries of other Thikanas, other wives of Thakur Sahib and wife of Crowned prince and other senior members of The Royal Family these suites have best view with large area and are laid with finest Italian Marble the bathrooms have the latest in design and technology and are laid in finest Italian marble the original old Royal antique furniture is used in most of these suites they have a private museum with valuable collections of the Royal Family.

The heritage Rooms were used for entertainment of Thakur sahib. These rooms were used for recreation by the young prince, princesses and also used sometimes by the Female Members of the Royal Dignitaries of other Thikanas. -Each suites has its own soul, its own individual harmony a marriage of the finest material, rare woods, silk, brocades, furniture and artefacts created by masters craftsman. The royal guests and the junior members of the royal family used these rooms.


Durbar Hall & Swapna Mahal-
Two exquisite restaurants exceptional interior with double height room and frescoes gold leaf and mirror work on roof and walls.

The coffee shop overlooking the lush green Charbagh garden and the palace fašade.

Charbagh & Maharani bagh
Two gardens on either side of the palace

Hawa Mahal Terrace
One of the highest point of Jaipur perfect place for sunset view of the city.

Chandni chowk
Moonlit square a central courtyard laid with ornate insitu marble and with a fountain in the center

Diwan-E-Khas a beautiful and intimate place displaying the family portraits and history of the fifteen generations that lived in the palace.


The Royal wedding

The day & events of marriage is a singular moment in the history of person, marking a new beginning for years. And, as the earth turns, many millions of people in many lands celebrate in extraordinary ways the gift of life, and the endless stream of time.

When you plan the wedding what better place to be than India - that exotic land of timeless mysteries and myriad splendors, the modern world's largest democracy yet deeply steeped in the traditions, ceremonies and spirit of centuries past. Indian - temples and palaces, serene landscapes of unforgettable beauty, and bustling cities with ancient stories to tell. And all of it bathed in golden sunlight illuminating the most vibrant colors to be found on the face of the Earth and place with the oldest history of sanctity of marriage. And for that significant moment when one glorious beginning of life begins, what better place to be than the Raj Palace in Jaipur, the fabulous 'Pink City' that is the gateway into the compelling history, magnificent terrain and enchanting legends of the state of Rajasthan. A Palace not forgotten for which witnessed the most expensive and famous marriage of Thakur Devi Singhjis (One of the heads in late 18th Century of The Royal family of Chaumoo which built and has owned the palace till date) daughter which is still a chapter in the history of Jaipur. It will be a dream in reality.

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