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Hotel Castle Mandawa
Shekhawati, Rajasthan.

Castle Mandawa is ideally located in the heart of the Shekhawati region, which today comprises of two administrative districts in the state of Rajasthan: Jhunjhunu and Sikar. Entering the gates, onto the sandy courtyard, you leave behind all traces of the present, becoming a part of a legend, a fantasy!

War scarred turrets, lofty domes, heroic cannons that seem to look down at you, as silent retainers in green appear to whisk you away, the tails of their orange 'safas' flapping in the gentle breeze, mark your arrival to the fanciest destination in Shekhawati:Hotel Castle Mandawa. A two hundred and forty year old fortess, that has been converted by the family into a fine example of traditional hospitality.

Caparisoned camels and horses saunter in, carrying the guests as musicians blow horns and drums roll the Royal Welcome. In the Castle, step into an arched open-fronted verandah and relax over exotic refreshments, or wander in the under the high ceiling 'Diwan Khana' (Darbar Hall), where the walls adorned with ancient portraits of the Mandawa family, recall a bygone era that was royal, rich and resplendent.

Disheartened that none of his three wives could bear him a son, Rao Mokul sought the blessings of Sheikh Burhan, a Muslim fakir, who directed him to graze cows to seek the the blessings of Gopinathji, a manifestation of Lord Krishna.

Gopinathji was the principal deity whom he had been directed to worship by Madhavanandji Goswami, the guru of Chaitanya Mahaprabhu.A son was born in 1433. In gratitude, Mokul named him Shekha, after the Sheikh.

Mandawa, a remote feudal principality in the centre of the Shekhawati region, was a trading outpost for the ancient caravan routes that stopped here from China and the Middle east. Today the world comes to this storybook town to see its colorful frescoes on every subject under the sun ranging from the religious to the erotic.

And perhaps the best place to discover the legacy of Shekhewati is from the comfort of Castle Mandawa, a fortress now converted into a luxurious heritage hotel.

From Castle Mandawa you can take a walking tour of the painted 'havelis' of some of the leading business families of the country. Though they no longer live here, the local caretakers are happy to show the visitors around.

Enroute you can shop for the colorful art and crafts of Rajasthan: tied and dyed textiles, metal handicrafts, carved wooden artefacts and more.

You can also get a unique insight to life in the desert by visiting nearby villages on a camel safari.

Places to Visit

  • Chowkhani Haveli * Gulab Rai Ladia Haveli * Lakshminarayan Ladia Haveli
  • Mohahanlal Saraf Haveli *Bhagchandika Haveli *Old Goenka Shops
  • Newtia Haveli(Bank) * Chowkhani Double Haveli * Harlalka Well
  • Thakurji Temple * Murmuria Haveli * Goenka Double Haveli
  • Tanu Manu Saraf Haveli * Harlalka Chattri * Goenka Chattri
  • Raj Well * Akhramka Haveli * Sonthalia Gate * Saraf Haveli
 Rooms & Tarriff

Part of the excitement of staying at Mandawa is the sense of discovery at every turn: battlements that offer spectacular views of the town below, a whimsical peacock weather van, an arched window that overlooks the verdant garden visited by peacocks. Or the fact that no two rooms are alike in this historic hotel! (There are 70 of them: Royal Suites, Deluxe Rooms and Standard Rooms)

In the zenana or women's quarters, one room offers antique murals, another has a marble fountain, while the turretroom boasts walls that are 7 feet thick! Looking out from the window of the turret room it is easy to imagine the maurading bandits that once roamed freely here.

Little wonder then that the family crest contains the motto, "Veer Bhogya Vasundhara" - The brave shall inherit the earth

Individual Rates
Extra Bed  
Group Rates
Royal Suite
Extra Bed  
Meals (Per Person)
The Welcome (Upto 25 People)    
The Royal Welcome (For 25 People after which $10 per person will be charged)    
The Special Dinner (Per Person)
Exclusive of Bar-Be-Que and Special Mandawa Fire Dance
Puppet Show    
Gala Dinner on Top Terrace/Garden/Courtyard inclusive of illumination (Dinning Area) Bar-Be-Que and Special Mandawa Fire Dance. (prices per person)           
Camel Ride    
1 Hour  
Half Day  
Full Day  
  • 15% Surcharge on Sales Tax.

  • 8% Sales Tax on Food and Beverages

  • Rajasthan Luxury Tax 10%.

  • Any Other Central and/or State Government Tax will be levied as applicable.

  • Check in Check Out Time 12' Noon.



Explore Castle Mandawa at your own pace.Spend a leisurely hour over a drink in the colonial veranadah that accomodates the bar.Or relax in the cosy comfort of the Diwankhana, the formal drawing room decorated with family potraits and displays of antique armour

At Mandawa, simple pleasures leave a lasting impression,
whether it is a quiet breakfast on a terrace offering great views of distant temples and cenotaphs, a leisurely lunch in the mural painted dining room, sundowners sipped in the congenial setting of the verandah bar, or an alfresco dinner under the stare entertained by Rajasthani folk singers and dancers. Every meal becomes an occasion to remember.

Your stay at Mandawa could also provide you the welcome opportunity to experience local festivities during Holi and Gangaur.

Colourful wooden or brass images of Gauri(Goddess Parvati) and Issar(Lord Shiva) are dressed in traditional finery and jewellery of a bride,and on the last day,people in the town assemble in the courtyard of the Castle and take the idols out into the town in an impressive colourful procession.



01 Night / 02 Days Package
Valid From: 30th Sept, 2014.

Standard Room: Rs.6000/- per room per night + 15.42% Tax = Rs.6,925/- per room per night.
Deluxe Room: Rs.8000/- per room per night + 15.42% Tax = Rs.9,234/- per room per night.
Suite: Rs.13000/- per room per night + 15.42% Tax = Rs.15,004/- per room per night.
Royal Suite: Rs.21000/- per room per night + 15.42% Tax = Rs.24,238/- per room per night.

Extra Bed Standard & Deluxe: Rs.2000/- per night + 15.42% Tax = Rs.2308/- per night.
Extra Bed Suite & Royal Suite: Rs.4400/- per night + 15.42% Tax = Rs.5078/- per night.

Includes: Accommodation Only.

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