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Hotel Sai Niwas
Udaipur Code No- AT-RJ45

View From Hotel Sai Niwas

The Chauhan Rajputs constructed The Sai Niwas haveli, or mansion, in the mid–seventeenth century. With the abolishment of princely rule in India in the mid-1900's, the haveli was abandoned and fell into decay. The present owner, retired Wing Commander S.K. Singh, and his sons decided to repossess and restore the ancestral property to its past glory. Taking advantage of a full scale reconstruction project, they were able to not only bring back the lost glory of Sai Niwas, but also add modern day conveniences such as electricity and plumbing to the entire building (A sore point in many a grand mansions). Though Sai Niwas, due to inevitable and unchecked growth, is now surrounded by less attractive buildings, it still manages to retain the character and charm of the old Udaipur city.

Hotel Sai Niwas is conveniently located in the heart of the old city of Udaipur. Lying on top of the ridge adjacent to the magnificent City Palace, it commands a breathtaking view of Lake Pichola, the famous Lake Palace, and colorful desert sunsets over the barren Arvali Mountains to the west (especially from the roof top terrace). Positioned well away from the congestion of the busy streets, it is a welcome retreat from the noise and traffic of the surrounding city. Inside, one enters a different world. With wide open arches, a plethora of windows, and a spacious courtyard, Sai Niwas enjoys an abundance of natural lighting and invigorating breezes, day and night, freeing it from the mosquitoes and bugs that hound the people staying at the edge of Lake Pichola. A great deal of attention was paid to airflow, decor, lighting, and furnishings during the remodeling. Today, it has culminated into a piece of livable art. The owner himself, an artist, has uniquely decorated the dining area, lounge, courtyard, and each individual room. Inside the rooms, one will find colorful hand-painted murals, locally crafted furnishings, and light and airy living space. Each room has its own unique style and feel.


Most travelers that have visited Sai Niwas find the rooms themselves to be the most pleasurable and unique experience of their stay at the Hotel. Each room has been creatively decorated by the owner with vibrantly painted patterns, murals, unique local furnishings, and decor which gives each room its own style and feel. All rooms come with an attached bathroom equipped with hot water, shower, and western style toilets

 Four of the seven rooms have A/C, however this is rarely necessary due to the placement of the windows and the breeze off the Lake. Some rooms also come with a private balcony and lake view. Room prices range from 850-1250 Rupees / per night ($20-$30 USD), depending on the type of room and its amenities.

Room 2

This spacious, air conditioned room is creatively decorated with a variety of locally made handicrafts, intricately carved furnishings, and a large, comfortable bed. Light and airy, this room is accented with pastel colored murals of local flora and environs. In one corner there is a vanity mirror and wooden stool, while next to that is the large, attached bath. Off the main living area is set of doors leading to the private balcony, providing the guests with an unmolested view of Lake Pichola and picturesque sunsets over the Arvali mountains. This room makes for the perfect retreat from the rigors of traveling. 

Room 5

Otherwise known as the Honeymoon room, this romantic getaway is favorite among couples looking to spend some quality time together. Upon entering the room, one immediately notices the colorfully painted patterns and murals wrapped on and around the walls, arches, and columns. The raised platform bed, which is reached by passing through draped curtains hanging from painted arches, is something out of 1001 Arabian Nights. The bed is butted against the outer wall, and is surrounded by numerous arched windows offering fantastic views of Lake Pichola and the Arvalis Mountains to the west. Furnishings include an antique writing desk with storage beneath and a carved wooden love seat with a painted coffee table opposite the desk. This room also comes equipped with air-conditioning. Room number 5 in particular has been mentioned in various guide books as a very unique and romantic way to bide your time in beautiful Udaipur city.

Room 6

This air-conditioned, bi -level room absolutely overflows with character and style. As you enter through the front doorway, one will immediately find a small sitting area with 2 chairs and a matching hutch. Continuing to your right and down 2 steps brings one to the sunken living area. A large bed is backed by a colorful mural along the back wall, showing Udaipur basking in the sunlight. To the left is another sitting area, which has two black chairs striped in gold paint and a matching coffee table. A dresser for clothing and personal items is provided. Windows are fitted with green and blue stained glass shutters and are screened off to protect against mosquitoes.


The Sai Niwas restaurant offers open air dining in a relaxed environment. The colorful, hand-drawn menus describe in vivid detail each selection, be it breakfast, lunch, dinner, or light snacks. The specialty of the house will be found in its non-vegetarian entrees, with meals such as Gosht Brujnwa (mutton marinated in special Indian spices), Chili Chicken, and Jungle Maas (mutton cooked to perfection using the owner's closely guarded secret hunter's recipe), all cooked to suit your palate. The order is taken in the morning or early afternoon for a certain entrée. The management then heads to the market to hand pick only the choicest cuts from a trusted shop. The selection is then safely handled, prepared, seasoned and slow cooked. the quality and quantity are enough to satisfy even the heartiest appetite. The restaurant also serves delicious local vegetarian and continental entrees, and boasts a nice selection of snacks, teas, and coffee. Beer and spirits are also available upon request. The ambiance of the dining area, along with the delicious food and friendly service, offer the visitor an oasis from the bustle of Udaipur's streets.

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