The Kuchaman Fort
Nagaur, Rajasthan.
The Kuchaman Fort, a Heritage Hotel near Jaipur, Rajasthan. Ideally situated with a proximity to key tourist destinations in India..... Pushkar, Ajmer, Jaipur and Samode. The scenic beauty and picturesque setting of this fort makes you travel back in time. This Heritage Hotel and Resort offers more than just accommodation..... activities include Horse Safaris, Camel Safaris, Village Safaris, Bird watching and Temple excursions. Our special Kuchaman City excursion takes you through old heritage Havelis and other memorable lanes.

The resort itself offers Five-star comfort. An indoor Pool, Yoga Centre, Kerala Massages and a multi-cuisine restaurant. This Heritage Hotel and Fort with its high and massive ramparts, 32 bastions, 10 gates and various defenses is a formidable fort unique in its architecture. One of the finest Heritage Hotels in Rajasthan, The Kuchaman Fort is rapidly becoming the favorite choice for the discerning traveler.

As you go winding up an undulating mountain road, towards the massive portals of this magnificient fort, you travel back to in time, only to be swallowed into the inside of this ancient world of strange mysteries, of secret chants and mantras, of classical music and ragas, and of fine arts and murals. The Kuchaman Fort. Beckoning, inviting, waiting to welcome you as it rises proudly int the clear skies at the top of a 1000 feet high rock cliff.
The Kuchaman Fort, a rare jewel set in a glittering sea of golden sands, as though a million year old rock itself changed its shape, to record the extraordinary era of kuchaman glory.

The Kuchaman Fort, where with echoing, reverberating step, you peel away successive layers of timeless history, perfectly preserved, frozen in rock and

The Kuchaman Fort and Resort is ideally situated. Some Approximate distances are as follows:
Jaipur 110 Kms, Samode : 140 Kms. Mandawa 130 Kms. Ajmer 100 Kms. Pushkar 120 Kms. Khimsar 185 Kms. Jodhpur 270 Kms. Bikaner 245 Kms.
Experience romance, rejuvenation and exotic sensuality with a delightful escape to The Kuchaman Fort. The serenity of your surroundings will lift your spirits and rejuvenate both body and soul. Take advantage of our Online Exclusive and let a world of holiday possibilities unfold at this beautiful retreat.

We offer a total of 47 rooms, (well appointed rooms ensuite attached bath etc.) 36 Double Deluxe Rooms and 11 Single Deluxe Rooms.
Health Club
From the extravagance of an Indoor Pool to the romance of an 'Exotic’ massage, The Kuchaman Fort has created a 'Guest culture' that uplifts all your senses. Perfect for relaxation, rejuvenation and indulgence. With choices of Yoga, Kerala Massage, a well equipped gymnasium, round off your spa experience with our special activity program, which includes meditation and yoga classes, and enjoy delicious health cuisine.
A good meal is a celebration of life and at The Kuchaman Fort, you'll embark on a culinary journey that will take you to new gustatory heights. Enjoy divine meals in the elegant surroundings of our restaurants, where master chefs explore the secrets of exotic Asian and International cuisine. From the traditional to the imaginative, from the hedonistic to the healthy, savor the very best of South Asian cooking and feast like a king. Within The Kuchaman Fort the dining options are unlimited. Our multi-cusine restaurant can offer you not only authentic Rajasthani and other Indian Cusine but also continental meals. Your resort host can recommend the finest establishments.
Swimming Pool
An indoor pool with ancient exotic miniature paintings, depicting the Ras leela of Lord Krishna, this . 450 years old pool has been suitably renovated to fit the present taste & requirement of our esteemed guests.

Wedding and Conferences
For the happiest day of your life and an exotic honeymoon that you will cherish forever, come to The Kuchaman Fort . We will make your special day a truly unforgettable celebration of your love for each other.
Against the backdrop of our magical Fort and the caresses of gracious Indian hospitality, life-long promises are made. As an Indian Pundit bestows his blessings on you, traditional Indian music graces the joyous occasion. After the symbolic ceremony culminates in the exchange of vows, we will follow the time-honored rituals of cutting the wedding cake and pouring the celebratory champagne.
The wedding ceremony will be held in the privacy of your specially decorated Suite. A romantic in-suite breakfast is served the following morning, and for some precious time alone, we will also treat you to a blissful spa treatment and a wonderful in-villa barbecue dinner during your honeymoon.
The Kuchaman Fort offers an impressive range of meeting options with flexible
as well as a variety of interesting and historic offsite venues.
Our spectacular ballroom and two smaller meeting rooms and board room can set the scene for everything from technologically advanced corporate meetings to the most festive social gatherings, while our extensive gardens and the magical forest provide excellent venues for innovative al fresco events.
Personalised planning, creative themes and attention to detail are the hallmarks of The Kuchaman Fort’s event management. At The Kuchaman Fort, we are aware of the challenges involved in managing group travel to exotic locations and our dedicated team of Convention Services specialists will help ensure that your functions are seamless, stress free and memorable.

Conference Facilities:
Carpeted Ballroom with extra high ceiling and spectacular view of the Fort Backdrop and Gardens
Meeting Room with extra high ceiling, State-of-the-art multi media equipment, Broadband connectivity in all function rooms, Flexible lighting system with dimmer capacity, Fixed and portable spotlighting facilities, Simultaneous interpretation facility, State-of-the-art sound amplification and mixing equipment.
In & around the Kuchaman city
Old city :- Was constructed some 760 A. D. by Gurjar Pratihara Dynasty the then rulers of Kuchaman. Modifications & additions were made by the successive rulers like, the Chauhans, the Gaur & the Rathores.
Painted Havelis :-
Old Temples :- Lok Dev Temple, Kaali Temple, Natvar Lalji Temple, Shiva Temple
Old market areas :- Selling & buying clothes, vegetables, craftsmen selling their wares, Oil & metal traders etc.
Craftsmen at work - * Blacksmiths making and selling of all iron items. Different types of ancient locks even made available today by this artisans.
* Bangles Wala :- Making and selling of all types of Rajasthani Bangles with different art works.
* Goldsmith :- Making and selling of all types of Rajasthani & other major ornaments studded with precious & semi-precious stones. Silver artisans in Kuchaman are famous for their skills in ornaments, idols, antique pieces etc which are abundantly displayed for sale. One can choose the stones which suits the horoscope, stars etc. and wear it on a ring, bangle, bracelet or chain made of gold or silver to once taste & like.
* Cobblers :- Making and selling of leather items like, shoes, boots, Jootis famous in Rajasthan
Dunes & farm lands :- Ideal for Camel, Camel cart, Horse & Jeep safaris. During the safaris one can visit & interact with local farmers, tribes etc.
Sambhar salt lake - 45 kms from Kuchaman. One can site thousands of lemingos in season - a boon for bird watchers. Others can see and stroll around the salt lake, one of the oldest of this kind in the country which dates back to 1250 years ago. Infact, the Fort was constructed during 760 A.D. to control the salt trade.
Taal Chappar (100 km) :- National Park , can site Black Bucks and some other rare and protected species.

How To Get There

By Road - Kuchaman is well connected by road from all major places of interest in Rajasthan apart from Delhi & Agra.
By Rail - Connected by rail from Jaipur, Delhi, Jodhpur, Bikaner, Lucknow & Varanasi. Trains arrive/depart from all above cities to the Kuchaman. The Fort is situated 7 kms away from the local railway station - Kuchaman City.
By Air - Nearest airport is Jaipur which is 140 kms. Flights from all major Indian cities & abroad arrives/departs from/to Jaipur.
Means of Transportation

Road Transport
One can travel to the Kuchaman City by the following road transportation,
a) Rajasthan Road Transport Corporation Buses
b) Other private Bus/Taxi Operators.
Indian Railways
One can also travel to the Kuchaman City by means of the Rail Transport. Given below are the details of a few important trains running through the Kuchaman City and nearby Makrana (35 km away).

Tele : +91-11-41612107, 26823836. Mobile: 9810002772, 9910002772.