Ratan Villas
Mount Abu, Rajasthan.
Located at a distance of about 7 km from the Nakki Lake, en-route Gurushikar. Ratan Villas, true to its meaning of peace in a special place is nothing short of a heaven on earth. Nestled in the Aravallis that abode Mount Abu, this lodge is located at the highest altitude throughout western India, together with being in an open wild life sanctuary. Sloth bear (common) and leopard (rare - and by luck) can be sighted. Ratan Villas is in proximity to 5 major tourist destinations in Mount abu:- Delwara - Jain Temple, Achalgarh, Trevor’s Tank and Peace Park. It is en route Gurushikar, which is the highest peak of the Aravalli Ranges. Ratan Villas offers every luxury that one can possibly think of while on a wildlife tour or a peaceful weekend vacation.

Forest friendly tents and cottages were incorporated to promote eco-friendly tourism in 2009 A.D at Ratan Villas, Mount Abu – Rajasthan. It is the first and only lodge which is situated in the heart of the Mount Abu Wild Life Sanctuary. The premise of the Lodge was based on the need to conserve the delicate balance between human and nature and show through example, how tourism can be constructive and when necessary, controlled effectively.
We, from the urban environment, have forgotten how to relate to our natural habitat, to respect and nurture it. Ratan Villas's endeavor is to propagate this, through real nature interactions, together with the special experience. This is very important balance and its comprehension is missing from the urban life.

Ratan Villas, however is an oasis of serenity and offers a splendid view of gigantic granite rocks, dotted with caves and temple. Crowned by a natural rock of an African elephant - proud guardian to the open forest on one side and the crumbling Aravali hills on the other. It is set amidst trees on a private estate, overlooking a valley and along its northern periphery. It is a fifteen minute drive, further up from the Nakki Lake cutting through the mountains and forest.
We couldn't make RatanVillas more beautiful, so we thought we'd simply make it more comfortable. We began with the understanding that the most luxurious things in the world are peace, tranquility and harmony, and that whatever we do should only enhance these pillars of our philosophy.

The result is a resort architecture that has a peacock feather leitmotif, where each of the guest huts bespeaks a happy marriage of heritage and modern luxury. From the outside, the dwellings subtly incorporate the colors and textures of the landscape in every detail; while within, the sumptuous interiors reflect a vernacular sensitivity that goes beyond mere lip service. From the ethnic furniture and luxury fittings, through the heritage patterned furnishings and drapery, to the little touches like the 'Cage Mud' lamp shades, the sum of the parts is a harmonious whole.
Considering the vast amounts of energy required, we have not provided for heated pools or jacuzzis at the resort. Thank you for helping us meet our Responsible Tourism objective of keeping our ecological footprints small.

The Lodge consists of 5 Luxurious Suite Rooms, 12 Cottage Bedrooms and 8 Shikar Tents, both with private verandahs and bathrooms. The rooms within this luxurious ambience have the most modern amenities and a blend of contemporary comfort with traditional elegance. The cottage bedrooms are based on British architecture while the tents are similar to the "tenta" originally designed for HH the Maharaja of Jodhpur at the turn of the last century. These tents were used on hunting expeditions. They also catered for an overflow of guests at the palace and even for Vice Regal and Royal visits. Shikar tents used to spring up and provide extreme comfort even in the remotest of locations to the royal guest, like Ratan Villas !!
Dining at the Ratan Villas:
While the sheer natural beauty of our lodge titillates the senses, bodily sustenance isn’t far behind. The dining experience is carefully crafted, the kitchen of RatanVillas is famed for the originality and sumptuousness of their platters, and our guests are pampered with a spread of culinary concoctions that defy description.

Made from the freshest and finest produce, and served in some of the most natural settings, the RatanVillas repast offers an extensive selection of the finest in particularly Rajasthani, Gujrati and North Indian cuisines.

Our table also boasts a creative vernacular flavour with chefs conjuring up delicacies inspired by the local food idiom. So you can choose to begin your day with an English breakfast, move on to a sumptous Gujrati spread for lunch, and then sample the local Rajasthani cuisine at night with some Lasun ki Chutni and Sangri ka Saag.
Dining at the Ratan Villas:
Hot, early morning tea before the jungle trek, served to you either in your tent/room or at the remains of the last night's campfire. Full English/Rajasthani breakfast from fruits to cheese, sprouts, breads, parantha's and yogurt. Lunch/Dinner is authentic Rajasthani/Gujarati, which is lightly spiced and consist of locally picked fresh vegetables. Snacks are available on order through the day.
Trekking / Safari
Trekking : Trekking in the Wild Life Sanctuary is a wonderful and unforgettable experience as the natural vistas in the backdrop of hills and valley provides an ideal paradise for the nature lovers and the trekkers. The trekking routes are made to pass through the valleys so that the dense forest, fresh water streams, steep hills provide enough adventure to the tourist .

Trekking Routes are :
Lal Mandir till Trevor's Tank Lake- 8 Km.
Wildlife Viewing : The natural environment around Trevor's Tank provides an ideal escapade from the urban life. There are a numerous spots ideal for viewing a number of species of animals & birds. Following are the few favourite animals: Jungle fowl, Sambhar, Leopard and Sloth Bear.
Price: 1500/- (Per head if the group is below 5 pax.)
Price: 750/- (Per head if the group is above 5 pax.)

Village Safari

If one is interested in sightseeing, an escort from our staff will accompany you at your request, for a stroll through the small bazaar to see the local village. A casual walk in the village can conjure up surprising and unexpected finds. You can spend time with farmers and closely watch them grow/cut crops and water them at the local village. Village does have a school and if you are interested in some humanity work, it can be organized.

Price: 700/- (Per head if the group is below 5 pax.)
Price: 450/- (Per head if the group is above 5 pax.)
Agai Mata Temple
Wake up to the sounds of this 17th century village, and take in the spiritual energy from the invigorating air descending from the Hanuman Temple, lodged deep in a primal cave high on the hill. We encourage you to feed the harmless monkeys, if they come down the hills, as a token offering of prayers to Lord Hanuman. Post that if you have adrenalin rush we can plan a trip through the jungle to the famous Agai Mataji Temple. It will be 6 kms walk and you will have one of the best view from the top of the mountain.
Packages 2013
Luxury Cottage Bedroom Rs.4 500/- Per Couple
Includes : Room, Extra Mattress will be provided on Triple and Quadruple occupancy.

Luxury Cottage Bedroom Rs.4 675/- Per Couple
Includes: Room, Breakfast, Extra Mattress will be provided on Triple and Quadruple occupancy.

Luxury Cottage Bedroom Rs.5000/- Per Couple
Includes : Room, Breakfast, Dinner, Extra Mattress will be provided on Triple and Quadruple occupancy.
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