Jaisalmer, Rajasthan.
Opposites attract.
At Suryagarh, they go hand in hand.
combining the modern and the medieval, the timeless and the timely, the spartan and the sumptuous.
For you, this would mean a tryst with wanton luxury, great reasons to indulge your wanderlust, and the sort of pampering that heretofore, was the privilege of princelings.
When you really want to get away from it all, sometimes the only thing to do is to get away from it all.
Amidst shifting sands, you will find a constancy of service, and indeed a bastion of luxury. Our rooms and suites are testimony to the pomp and panoply of Rajputana. Cosy en suite dinners, delightful al fresco grill and dining arrangements, a tony, empire-era bar and scores of lovely add-ons make this the ideal venue for that do-nothing, go-nowhere holiday.

Whoever said the desert was no place to go looking for yourself?
Palace Room
It’s traditional settings echo Rajasthan’s princely residences. However, eighteenth century embellishments have been thoughtfully juxtaposed with every modern convenience you could imagine indulging your royal fancy

Grand Heritage Room
The Rajputana heritage manifests itself in innumerable ways across these suites. Superlative comforts characterize our carefully detailed rooms. The miniature painting cushions made around the militaristic theme add that cozy quotient, along with the services which cater to every whim and fancy. Come spoil yourself.
Signature Suite
In terms of scale, this suite is as lavish as its larger counterparts. In size, it is a petite, albeit cozy arrangement that mirrors our fondness for restrained opulence.

Luxury Suite
The trappings of royalty are writ large across this expansive suite of a living room, a powder room, a plush bedroom with an en-suite bathroom and a beautiful private alcove to sit and sip Suryagarh’s signature Kesari chai.
The walls are a master craftsman’s painstaking labor of traditional block prints in gold. Abundant silks and velvets and story-telling cushions complement period furniture and lovingly restored artwork.
Jaisalmer Suite
Our homage to the state of Jaisalmer that never once seceded to invaders or foreign rule, this well-appointed suite is full of historic memorabilia and objet d’art.

Carved out of Jaisalmer stone and embellished with rich local textures the rooms overlook the endless Thar. The suite comprises a living room, dining room with a pantry, his and hers dressing areas and a grand bathroom as well as a private terrace with your very own splash pool.

A dedicated butler awaits his chance to serve and spoil you.
It is said the ancient Romans understood the good life. Rest assured that a few modern-day Rajputs have turned it into a way of life.

Whether you want to play billiards all day, and pause only for spa treatments is up to you. We, for one, know that we can conjure up a jaw-droppingly romantic locale for a tete-a-tete meal, a personal trainer to swim laps with, even an ornithologist to take you bird-watching.
Whimsy is a wonderful thing. Satisfying yours, the cornerstone of our service credo.

Neel - The Pool
A 15X8 metre pool helps you work up an appetite, or conversely, shed the calories that accrue after sampling the guilt-inducing fare at our restaurants.
Akhara - The Gym
A holiday need no longer mean a break from your fitness regimen. Here to help you with free weights, cardio machines and an array of weight training machines, are our in-house personal trainers.

Draksh - The Bar
The bar beckons the thirsty traveller with its cooling white and gold speckled walls. Unwind under amber lights and indulge in the finest spirits from around the world.

Tash - Card & Billiards Room
We’ve re-created the restrained stiff upper lip feel of London’s gentleman’s clubs with comfy leather-upholstered chairs and wood-panelled walls with a pristine green baize of our billiards table.

Drop down screens, wi-fi and state of the art audio-visual equipment ensure glitch-free presentations and meetings.

The Business Centre
The Suryagarh is well-equipped to provide executives a workplace away from work.
Day trips to Jaisalmer, tours of the dunes of Sam, visits to the Gadsisar Lake and guided tours of the Desert National Park and the spectacular ruins of Kuldhara may all be organised with prior notice.

Suryagarh can go from being an idler’s idyll to a maelstrom of activity, at a moment’s notice.
Fancy a craftsy vacation? We can teach you tile painting, batik, tie dye and other indigenous crafts.
Dinner on the dunes? A day trip to Jaisalmer or guided sanctuary tours? Your own day-long desert rally in a fortified Humvee? A kalbellia dancer to match steps with, or impromptu folk songs, spurred by superb single malts? Our aim is to make your holiday, a singularly unique one.

The Dunes
Framed by the latticed windows of some of our rooms and suites, the shifting dunes of Sam are best visited in person. We’d be happy to organize a camera-worthy trip.

Our knack for getting the tiniest details right, makes this a place with big possibilities. From off-sites to annual general meetings, our acoustics, bespoke banqueting and seating arrangements leave no forum lacking. A well-equipped conference centre makes work away from work, a pleasure.

Tying the knot here, excludes the possibility of being tied up in knots planning your nuptials. With ample space, attentive staff, and spectacular settings, weddings and Suryagarh go very well together indeed.

If you'd like to host a wedding event at Suryagarh, please fill up a smallquestionaire that will help us understand your need better.

From annual general meetings to quaint off-sites, we have the wherewithal to handle corporate do’s of varying sizes.
If you'd like to host a corporate confrence or offsite events at Suryagarh, please fill up a small questionaire that will help us understand your need better.

Given the views and locales the Suryagarh affords, there’s no better venue for location scouts. Fashion shoots and shows, and film shootings may all be organised with some prior notice.
Package 2014-2015

Valid From 01st Oct, 2014 to 31st Mar, 2015.
01 Night Package

Palace Room: Rs.12000/- per room per night.
Grand Heritage Room: Rs.14000/- per room per night.
Singnature Suite: Rs.17000/- per room per night.
Luxury Suite: Rs.21000/- per room per night.
Jaisalmer Suite: Rs.50000/- per room per night.

Includes: Accommodation Only.

Valid From 01st Apr, 2015 to 30th Sept, 2015.
01 Night Package

Palace Room: Rs.16000/- per room per night.
Grand Heritage Room: Rs.18000/- per room per night.
Singnature Suite: Rs.25000/- per room per night.
Luxury Suite: Rs.35000/- per room per night.
Jaisalmer Suite: Rs.75000/- per room per night.

Includes: Accommodation Only.

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