Water Habitat Retreat
Jodhpur, Rajasthan.

Welcome to the webpage of Hotel Water Retreat Habitat, Jodhpur in Rajasthan. Water Habitat Retreat was a part of the Bijolai Palace which has now been converted into a comfortable residence. It lies nestled amidst the picturesque Aravali hills of Jodhpur. It is located close to the famous City of Jodhpur. This is the more recent addition to our bouquet of hotels, and we think it will be appreciated by the most demanding of tourists as one of the better managed and maintained heritage hotels in Rajasthan. Meticulous care has been taken while refurbishing Water Habitat Retreat making sure it caters to all your needs. Large water bodies within the hotel premise lend the hotel a unique quality. Windows give way to spectacular views of the hotel, and large airy spaces.

The hotel has an assortment of 30 rooms with aesthetically done interiors which are well-equipped with all modern day conveniences, insuring our guests to have a comfortable stay.

The Water Habitat Retreat is an exemplary rainwater oasis within this same desert climate. Nestled in between the Aravalli range of hills, just outside of Jodhpur, it is both closely in touch with nature and entirely self sufficient of its water needs. The retreat, part of a recently renovated area of the Royal Bijolai Summer Palace, has fresh water available throughout the year due to an ingenious water-conscious design. It is an excellent example of traditional rainwater harvesting; though built over 150 years ago, is more in tune with the modern eco-movement than buildings of today. You will find the surrounding landscape, with its bold but not obscuring hills, a peaceful and pure match to the Water Retreat. Nearby the Retreat lies Kayalana Lake, a body of water that quenches Jodhpur City's thirst, and is a beautiful hotspot for leisurely boat rides and couples. The Palace design is sure to amaze you, as it exhibits the meticulous planning of the old rulers and a bygone era when people knew they live or die by proper rainwater management..

The Water Habitat Retreat is guided by a vision to address the great disparity of drinking water access between the rural Marwar villages and urban centers. This is done through the restoration of ancient traditional rainwater harvesting systems, and by creating village institutions for sustainable self-reliant water management. Here, we encourage people to stay with us and become part of the "water for all" initiative. Profit from the Water Habitat Retreat supports the Foundation to meet the acute demands for safe and sustainable drinking water. Regaining control over safe drinking water, quenching thirst and securing health, marks the first crucial step out of poverty by desert communities in Marwar.

The Bijolai Summer Palaces were renovated in 2008 to create the Water Habitat Retreat Heritage Site Hotel. It lies on a small range of hills just 7.5 miles outside of Jodhpur, the second largest city of Rajasthan. Jodhpur, called the Blue City by some, or the Sun City by summer, is a unique city in the Marwar area of the Thar Desert. Still home to many traditional artisans, you will find it a great place to purchase- among other items- traditional handicrafts, colorful scarves, famous Jodhpur breeches, or unique Jodhpur shoes. The Water Habitat Retreat lies conveniently close to the city, but far enough away for the nights to be quiet and the air clean. During your stay with us, we encourage you to visit one of the many must-see tourist attractions within the city.

Water Habitat Retreat is a part of the Bijolai Palace which was built by Maharaja Takhat Singh [ 1843 - 1873 ] as a summer retreat for the royal family. It lies nestled amidst the picturesque Aravali hills. The red sand stone palace stands on the bank of a small lake, a traditional water harvesting structure, which ensures a perennial supply of fresh water thus creating an oasis in the surrounding desert landscape.

Bijolai Palace was transformed into a” Water Resource Centre”, with the support of UNDP and Italian Development Corporation by the Jal Bhagirathi Foundation ( JBF) headed by Maharaja Gaj Singh II of Jodhpur.

To house the delegates, a part of the Bijolai Palace, was converted into a comfortable residence now called the” Water Habitat Retreat”, which provides boarding and lodging to participants in the activities organized by the “Water Resource Centre” At the same time, the Water Habitat Retreat, through its operating profits from visitors, provides an important contribution to the drinking water initiatives supported by the Foundation.


THE HABITAT ROOM: We encourage you to stay in any of the three styles of habitat rooms, all with full furnishings, a bathroom, and twin beds. We have 18 Habitat rooms available, with lakeside, garden, or courtyard views. Our lakeside rooms offer 405 square feet of space, while our remaining rooms offer 300 square feet of luxury.

THE HABITAT DELUXE:Our 7 Deluxe Habitat rooms are a step up from our habitat rooms, and offer even more comfort for your stay. These rooms up to 500 square feet, and offer perfect views of the surrounding hills and lake

THE HABITAT GRAND DELUXE: Our elegant Premium Suite includes a view of both the Aravalli hills, and the Bijolai Lake. Here you will find a sitting & dining space, bedroom, independent dressing room, and bathroom. 593 square feet are yours.

THE HABITAT SUITE: Our elegant Premium Suite includes a view of both the Aravalli hills, and the Bijolai Lake. Here you will find a sitting & dining space, bedroom, independent dressing room, and bathroom. 593 square feet are yours..

Dining in Jodhpur at Bijolai Restaurant The Bijolai Restaurant lies conveniently close to the Jodhpur city, but far enough away for the surroundings to be quiet and the air clean. The Palace design is sure to amaze you, as it exhibits the meticulous planning of the old rulers and a bygone era. Picture the Bijolai Lake, caressing the adjoining rocky hills, beautiful temples, canvassing the colours of the setting sun, fresh breeze, ambient music, and ambient light, flair and sensuality. There are three areas where guests can be seated. The Terrace, The Indoor Dining and The Lakeside. All these three spaces are directly attached to water. You can enjoy your time here watching the magnificent geese in the lake and some wild animals on the surrounding rocks and boulders. The décor features a sunny travel feel, with chic cabanas and landscaped gardens. The Terrace is open everyday for dinners as well as lunches (winters only) and can also be booked for banquets. Bijolai's interior attempts to reflect the encounter between the traditional and the contemporary. Consequently, the restaurant is characterized by simplicity with its crisp, clean and uncluttered lines that reflects the 1559 AD spirit and atmosphere. The ambience at Bijolai presents a harmonious balance between the classic and the modern, between the known and the wild.


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