Tea Meadows
Munnar, Kerala.

There are memories everywhere in Munnar, some as old as the hills themselves. They live on the walls of the cottages, stalk the wooden floored corridors in the bungalows, waft around the trees on wooded slopes and wait under the wrought iron lamp posts in town at dusk. The colonial history of the tea plantations of Munnar is the motif that will embellish your stay here, the spirit of the pioneers who ventured into these hills, braved disease, wild animals and inclement weather to plant tea and brought with them a lifestyle that has by and large endured the tides of modernity.


Tea Meadows is a hospitality experience that offers slices of colonial nostalgia and an intimate embrace with nature. The properties comprise bungalows and cottages situated on an undulating tapestry of tea. Here, the colonial history of these tea plantations meets the demands of contemporary hospitality standards. Tea Meadows exemplifies professionally managed properties that offer the state of the art in hospitality facilities. Our staff, all trained in the nuances of hospitality, wait, to serve your pleasure and are attentive to the smallest detail without being obtrusive.



It is comfort from a bygone era, the interiors wrap you in the buxom comfort of stuffed sofas, lace curtains, of warm fireplaces on a cold night, starched linen covered dining tables and waxed wooden floors that creak in the still of the night. The rules of the house allow you to sin with Yorkshire pudding and indulge in the genteel charm of drinking delicately flavored tea from porcelain crockery world.



You are in the lap of nature, embrace her benevolence. Go trekking, climb rocks, paraglide, snare a rainbow trout, cycle along the pathways that wind through the estates, try our nine hole golf-course and if you are not in the mood for physical exertion just simply put all your worldly cares aside. Here time stands still. Through the day, birds to numerous, serenade the world weary soul. The hills around you are venerable and give birth to gurgling streams that meander through the verdant landscape. Step out, you will discover that a walk isn't what you thought it would be. Your senses have come alive, you have discovered a new meaning to existence and it is with anticipation that you will turn the next curve, climb the next slope, step around the next tree.

The neelakurinji, a blue flower which blooms only every twelve years, is found in this region. It bloomed last in December 2006. Munnar also has the highest peak in South India , Anamudi, at 2695m.

Places of interest in Munnar

Golf course ( The High Range Club ), Eravikulam (Rajamalai) National Park, Anamudi Peak inside Eravikulam National Park, Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary, Mattupetti Dam, Mattupetti Indo-Swiss Farm, Echo Point, Top Station, Marayoor, Kolukkumalai Tea Estate, Walk in the Clouds, Rock Climbing and Rappelling, The Christ Church, Paragliding and Parasailing, Go fishing, Trekking inside Tea plantations, Golf course (The High Range Club), The nine hole Golf course at High Range Club has a charming colonial style. The club house is built of wicker and teak and is the social hub for the tea "Planters" of the region. Members enjoy lounging in the bar over Planter's Punch followed by a good meal, a game of billiards or reading a book in the library.


Places of interest in Munnar

Eravikulam (Rajamalai) National Park
45 mins from Munnar. See Nilgiri Thar (Hemitragas hylocres) - an endangered species of mountain goats, rolling grasslands and sholas, spread over 97 sq km in the Rajamalai hills, rare flora and fauna, Atlas moth (largest in the world), lion-tailed macaque, leopards, tigers, The Kurichi or Neelakurinji Flowers turn the hills of Rajamalai blue every 12 years. The next bloom will be in 2018.

Anamudi Peak inside Eravikulam National Park
The highest peak (2695 m) south of the Himalayas, towers over the sanctuary in majestic pride. The slopes of the hills abound in all kinds of rare flora and fauna. The Atlas moth, the largest of its kind in the world, is a unique inhabitant of the park. Other rare species of fauna found here are the Nilgiri Langur, the lion-tailed macaque, leopards, tigers, etc. An ideal place for trekking, facilities are provided here and tourists are allowed to go on foot up to Anamudi.

Mattupetti Dam
10km from Munnar, this popular picnic spot activities like boating and horse riding and is a great place to spend the day especially if visiting with children.

Mattupetti Indo-Swiss Farm
Better known as Mattupetti (cattle village), Tamil migrant labourers had once upon a time reared cattle here. The cool climate and abundance of fodder made it the ideal location for the Indo-Swiss dairy farm. Established in 1961, the Kerala Livestock Development Board (KLDB) manages this highly specialised dairy farm. The dairy farm is a unique one of its kind with more than 100 varieties of high-yielding cattle being reared.

Echo Point
15km from Munnar, on the way to top station from Munnar is a small lake set amidst rolling hills. Every loud call made from a spot on the lake embankment is returned manifold by the echo from the surrounding hills. Young tourists throng to this place to listen to the echoes of their friendship calls.


Places of interest in Munnar

Top Station
37km from Munnar on the Kerala and Tamil Nadu border, has great views of the Western Ghats. Regular buses go to Top Station (1 hr) from Munnar. A jeep costs Rs 400. The area is known for the Neelakurunji plant, which flowers only once every twelve years. The flower is violet.

Around 40km from Munnar. It is the only place in Kerala with natural growth of sandalwood trees, natural caves with murals, and relics from Later Stone Age civilisation. There is a sandalwood factory of the Forest Department of Kerala and a children's park extending across one hectare of land under the canopy of a single Banyan tree, all of which attract tourists in large numbers.

Kolukkumalai Tea Estate
At a height of about 7130 ft, this orthodox tea factory lays claim to being one of the highest in the world. The view of the Western Ghats is absolutely enchanting.

Walk in the Clouds
Trek to your hearts content while the clouds slowly descend upon you.

Rock Climbing and Rappelling
Munnar has a steep rock face about 100ft.


Places of interest in Munnar

The Christ Church
In Old Munnar. The exteriors have worn out with time though the charming interiors still have a very nice ambiance. It was consecrated way back in 1910 and still has 14 original rows of pews. The first Catholic Church in the High Ranges was Mount Carmel Roman Catholic Church.

Paragliding and Parasailing
Munnar, which make for some amazing flatland flying and most of it yet unexplored. Here flying is possible almost everyday and holds a lot of promise for paragliding pilots of all levels. This area offers abundant possibilities to beginner as well as for the experienced pilots alike.

Go fishing
Grab your rod and reel and head to the hill streams and rivers for a spot of fishing. This pleasant activity is one that even the youngest family members will enjoy. Fly fishing for trout is a viable option here.

Trekking inside Tea plantations
Tea plantations and Rajamala are ideal places for trekking. These places are a feast for the eyes with their panoramic rolling hills and wildlife, please contact us for more details on other spectacular trekking trails on arrival.


Munnar enjoys a salubrious climate. The weather ranges between 0 °C (32 °F) and +10 °C (50 °F) in winter and +15 °C (59 °F) and +25 °C (77 °F) in summer. The tourist season is from August to May. However, even the monsoons are lovely with many streams and rivulets in the area.

Tea Meadows is located in Munnar, Kerala, bordering the state of Tamil Nadu. It is pronounced "Moon-aar" meaning "Three rivers" in Tamil and Malayalam. There are in fact three rivers - Madupetti, Nallathanni and Periavaru which flow through this town, but join some distance away from Munnar The region in and around Munnar varies in height from 1,600 meters (5,249 ft) to 1,800 meters (5,906 ft) above mean sea level.

Munnar is 140 km (about 4.5 hours) from Kochi. The road is smooth the National Highway 49. Kothamangalam is on the way and is 80 km down from Munnar. Between Kothamangalam and next town "Adimali", you can experience a cool drive through a natural forest. Alongside, you can see many refreshing waterfalls.

Once you reach Adimali, Munnar is just 30 kilometers away - but, will take almost an hour to reach there. Around 22 kilometers from Adimali, you can start seeing the tea plantations on both side of the road and a panoramic view of the western ghats. The view is extremely beautiful during the early mornings.

Munnar can also be reached from Kodai Road, Madurai, Udumalpet. The drive to Munnar involves about 2 hours on the ghat section. There are 17 hair pin bends and traversing them can make you feel nauseated. However if you eat light while travelling you can enjoy the scenery during the drive.

Munnar is about 150km from Coimbatore. Coimbatore-Munnar route is a very scenic route and though a bit longer is generally considered worth the extra time spent.

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