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Thiruvambadi Beach Retreat
VARKALA - Kerala

Thiruvambadi Beach Retreat Just 5 minutes from the stunning varkala beach and 20 meters from the beautiful Thiruvambadi beach THIRUVAMDADI beach retreat incorporates the state of the art facilities for its guests. We here at THIRUVAMBADI follow a unique system of hospitality derived from Kerala's rich tradition. Our Roof top restaurant is an excellent venue to see the ever beautiful setting sun. Yoga and meditation class handled by experts take you to a state of extreme joy and fills your mind with freshness and cheer. Ayurvedic Treatments give you a better health. Varkala is situated close to thriruvanathapuram, the capital city of Kerala and is famous for its laterite cliffs that tower over golden beaches and refreshing mineral springs. Experience the irresistible lure of the sea and the golden sunshine of Varkala’s beaches while you are here at Thiruvambadi Beach Retreat. The cliff and beach (and Thiruvambadi Beach Retreat) are just 2 km away from the town center, where you can find all the amenities, including shops, cinemas, bars/restaurants and the train station.

Accommodation @ Thriuvambadi Beach Retreat

The Resort offer 10 rooms with each having unique style of classic Indian Architecture. Varkala , situated around 40 km north to Trivandrum , The 2000 year old Lord Janardhana (Vishnu) temple is one of its kind in India. Papanasam beach and the renowned varkala cliffs and the green lush of coconut grove presents the everlasting natural beauty of Kerala. Situated in peaceful surroundings with a serene climate this idyllic resort attracts a large number of tourists.


Have you ever lived with your bedroom and your kitchen outside your own home?Let us talk about our penthouses and deluxe luxury rooms...with a view to the sea and the wind that carries your heart away, you will call our rooms 'the breeze'. Laundry is a pleasure for us because cleanliness is our basic word. the 24 hours internet and telephone access through which you can be with your favorite ones.Doctor on call? Yes, we have everything- we got a special center for Ayurvedic medicine and every aspects of rejuvenating yourself-be it Ayurvedic or Allopathic. Being refreshed is something we are promising you.Of course words will sound more like a presentation-so better experience it. We are waiting for the day when you become a member of the Thiruvambadi family.


In our open air restaurant you will be taken away by the sea view while you taste our prestigious chef's specialties.

Tariff 2010-2011




16-Apr to 15 Oct



16-Oct to 15-Dec & 16-Jan to 15 Apr


16-Dec to 15-Jan

Non. A/C Eco.
(w/o Balcony)


Rs. 500

Rs. 900

Rs. 1200

Std. Non A/C


Rs. 800

Rs. 1200

Rs. 1500

Std. A/C


Rs. 1000

Rs. 1500

Rs. 2500

Deluxe Luxury


Rs. 1500

Rs. 3000

Rs. 4000



Rs. 1500

Rs. 3000

Rs. 4000



Rs. 2500

Rs. 4000

Rs. 5000

Pent House


Rs. 4000

Rs. 7000

Rs. 9000

15% tax extra. -
For extra bed Rs. 500/ night. -
The tariff includes Complementary Break fast & Free usage of swimming pool. -
All our rooms have sea facing balcony. -
Off-Season rates does not include Complementary Break fast.

Shiro Dhara Pouring of Medicated oil over the forehead is called Shirodhara. This is highly beneficial in Head ache, mental tension, Insomnia, stress and Disorders of central nervous system, etc. Dhara to the body is pouring of medicated oil on the body and it is beneficial for many neuromuscular disorders and Rheumatism and general debility.

Pizhichil Here lukewarm oil is poured in the body by squeezing cotton cloth soaked in the oil. This is highly effective for Spondylosis, Hemiplegia and Arthritis. It is immensely rejuvenative..

Sirovasthi Medicated oil is poured over a leather cap kept on the head. This is effective for headache, hair falling, burning sensation and other diseases of ear, nose and throat.

Kizhi The massage done with medicinal leaves or powdered medicines kept in a cloth bag. This is useful in many Musculo-Skeletal disoders, degenerative conditions and neurological problems.It improves circulation and restores energy and vigour.s

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