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Vythiri Resort
Wayanad, Kerala.

Spread across either bank of a sprightly mountain stream that runs through the 150 acre property, the Vythiri Resort is a delightful jungle hideaway and a naturalist's treasure trove. Wrapped in the cool embrace of a rainforest, stone lined pathways, canopied by majestic trees, lead to brick coloured cottages built in the style native to the region. Built of brick with wooden rafters on the roof, furnished in cane, wood and fabrics of discreet elegance, the cottages are equipped with all modern amenities. The accommodations are designed so as to provide residents an immediate experience of the surrounding sights and sounds. Available in configurations ranging from heady tree houses, to cottages on stilts overlooking the stream and further downstream, cottages with jacuzzis, private pools and a suite, everywhere, the muted hiss of the stream is a continuous serenade. A rope bridge across the stream, leads to the restaurant overlooking the swimming pool at one end and a sweeping view of the forest all around.

Days begin with the rousing melody of a Malabar Whistling Thrush. The forest comes alive with an orchestration of sounds and bands of foraging monkeys. The day ahead is ripe with possibilities. Guests may chose to relax in their cottages,

go for walks in the forest in the company of the resident naturalist, swim in the freshwater pool , opt for treatments at the Ayurvedic spa, play indoor games or take part in the many outdoor activities that the resort has included in its itineraries.


Serinity Cottage
18 spacious, rustic styled cottages with terracotta floors finished with red oxide, some with views of the stream and others, of the forest stretching out above the resort. Offering a degree of seclusion, yet close enough to the pathway and the general areas, the cottages are ideal for small families and couples.
Occupancy : 2 Adults + 2 Children (below 5 yrs) , Bedroom, Bathroom, Sit Out, Balcony, Intercom, Hot & Cold Water, Ceiling Fan, Guest Supplies.

Vythiri Habitat
4 rooms with exclusive balconies that face the stream rushing by below. The balconies are great spots to watch a wide variety of exotic birds in the overarching trees or to sit back reading a book. Ideal for small families and couples.
Occupancy : 2 Adults + 2 Children (below 5 yrs) , Bedroom, Bathroom, Balcony, Intercom, Hot & Cold Water, Ceiling Fan, Guest Supplies.


Vythiri Haven
Exquisite cottages with spacious sit outs, elegantly furnished and facing the stream downstream. Secluded hideaways set aside from the general areas, ideal for couples and families seeking a little quiet with the gurgle of the frolicking stream and the chatter of the birds for company.

Occupancy : 2 Adults + 2 Children (below 5 yrs) , Bedroom, Bathroom, Jacuzzi, Living Room, Balcony, Sit Out, Intercom, Hot & Cold Water, Ceiling Fan, Tea Kettle, Guest Supplies.

Planters Retreat
6 adjoining rooms inspired by traditional Kerala architecture with generous use of wood, each with private plunge pools and balconies with splendid views of the forest. Yet you could very well listen to the stream passing through next to the Planters Retreat. Set away from the pathway, secluded and intimate, ideal for couples.

Occupancy :, Couple (extra bed not possible) , Bedroom, Bathroom, Sitout, Intercom, Private Plunge Pool, Hot & Cold Water, Ceiling Fan, Guest Supplies


Morning sessions of Yoga and meditation.
Morning trek to the tropical rainforests surrounding the resort: The guided trek is conducted by our in house naturalist and lasts approximately 1 hour. One can see Nilagiri Langur, the Malabar Giant Squirrel, Malabar Grey Hornbill, Yellow Browed Bulbul besides a wide range of other species endemic to the Western Ghats.

Waterfall: Guests may take a leisurely walk to the water fall near the property, anytime during the day.

Exclusive treks: Nature lovers can request specially guided tours with our naturalist during the day.
Wayanad's unique geographical features lend a peculiar charm and a delightful challenge to trekkers and nature freaks

Its fascinating scenery and wonderful climate creates an unforgettable experience.
Apart from the breathtaking scenery, its long history offers visitors the opportunity to explore a range of interesting spots:

Pookot Lake, Thirunelli Temple, Muthanga, Soojipara Watefalls, Chembra Peak, Tholpetty, Kuruva Islands, Chain Tree, Pakshipathalam, Kuruva Dweep, Wildlife Sanctuaries, Banasura Sagar Dam


An idyllic destination for the vacationing and business traveler, Wayanad is a quaint hill District in north western Kerala, in a region of immense beauty and a dazzling variety of wildlife and fauna. The majestic landscape is strewn with lofty ridges, dense tropical forests, spectacular waterfalls and gurgling mountain streams. Numerous trekking trails snake through the forests, with numerous spots ideal for adventure sports.

A discreet hill station located in north western Kerala, Wayanad is set along the higher slopes of the Nilagiri Biosphere on the southern fringe of the Deccan Plateau. The region is a part of the UNESCO World Network of Biosphere Reserves in India and Wyanad's evergreen forests mark the transition zone between the northern and southern eco regions of the Western Ghats. This is the most species-rich eco region in peninsular India with eighty percent of the flowering plant species of the entire mountain range found here.

nature tours
Wayanad is ideal for travelers with a passion for the outdoors. The landscape is majestic, composed of rugged, lofty ridges interspersed with dense forests, deep valleys, spectacular waterfalls and mountain streams. Numerous outback trails and trekking routes snake through the forests with many spots ideal for adventure sports. Visitors will also find delight in the dazzling profusion of flora and fauna endemic to the Western Ghats. Wayanad is home to many ancient, indigenous nomadic tribes who still practice their age-old customs and rituals. The forests also contain the fascinating Edakkal Caves, a Neolithic cave dwelling with Petroglyphs, the only known example in South India and a protected UNESCO Heritage Site.



A year is divided into four seasons; cold weather (December to February) with temperatures dropping down to 07 °C (45 °F), hot weather (March to May); the temperature goes up to a maximum of 35 °C (95 °F), South West monsoon (June to September) and North East monsoon (October to November). The average rainfall is 2,500 millimeters (98 in) per year.

Tariff 2014-2015
   Double Occupancy      Single  Occupancy        Double Occupancy          Single Occupancy   

Vythiri Haven





Honeymoon Villa



Pool Villa



Extra adult (above 12 years)



Extra child (5 - 12 years)



AP Rate include: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner - Buffets only
MAP rate include: breakfast and lunch or dinner - Buffets only
Complimentary for 2 Children below 5 years sharing with parents (except in honeymoon villa)
All rates are inclusive of taxes and applicable for one night only
Check in 1 pm, Check out 11 a.m
Special Rates are appicable between 21st Dec '14 till 31st Dec '14. Please contact the
   reservation office for details
Valid: From 1st Sept 2014 to 20th Dec 2014 and from 1st Jan 2015 to 31st August 2015

  Double Occupancy Single Occupancy
  Tree House 16,000 14,000
  Luxury Tree House 17,000 15,000

Rate include: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner - Buffets only
All rates are inclusive of taxes and applicable for one night only
Check in 2 pm, check out 11 am
Extra Child 5-12 years (allowed only on Child friendly Tree House): Rs.2500/- per night
Extra Adult Rs.3000/- per night
Special rates are applicable between 21st Dec '14. till 31st Dec '14. Please contact the reservation office for details
Valid: From 1st Sept 2014 to 20th Dec 2014 and from 1st Jan 2015 to 31 st August 2015

Tele : +91-11-41612107, 26823836. Mobile : 9810002772, 9910002772.

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