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Manipur has a lot to offer to tourism enthusiasts. Imphal, the beautiful capital city in the valley; Mao and Ukhrul, the picturesque hill resorts; Taminglong, with its exotic landscape; Chandel, home to amazing tribes; Khonggom and Moirang, reminders of the British Raj in India; and a glimpse into the neighbouring country of Burma, through Moreh town on the border... a visit to these magnificent places, leaves a lingering impression on the mind of the visitor.

Important festivals of Manipur are the Dol Yatra (Holi) in March, Rath Yatra (Car fesival) in June-July and Durga Puja in September-October. Manipuri Hindus celebrate New Year Day, in the second week of April.

Manipuri dance is the perfect representation of Manipuri culture.  The dance is often devoted to religious themes, while the Raas Lila (love story of Radha and Krishna) dominating it.  The 29 tribes of Manipur have different dances to offer - Lai Haroba (feast of dances, representing celebrations of Gods), Pung Cholem (Mridang dance), Mao Naga dance, the priestess dance of Malbe Jagoi, Thangal Surang dance etc.  The vibrant culture of the Manipuris is reflected in their dance and drama.


The busy city of Imphal is the state capital.  It is connected to Guwahati (Assam) through National Highway No. 39 and Silchar through National Highway No. 53. 

Places to visit

Shree Govindajee Temple
This simple and elegant Vaishnavite temple is situated near the palace of Manipur's former Maharajas.  The principal deity, vishnu is posted along the Shrines of Krishna and Balram.  The temple is Characterised by two golden domes , a courtyard and a raised assembly hall.

Ima Market
Ima Market is one of its kind.  It is an all women's market with 3000 "imas" or mothers running the different shops in the market.  Every item ranging from vegetables to elegant handlooms is available here.   

Shaheed Minar
Shaheed Minar is the commemorative structure built to pay homage to the local martyrs who sacrificed their lives against the British in 1891.  Also in the city is the War Cemetry that commemorates the sacrifice of every life,  Indian or British.

The State Museum showcases a wide variety of works of art, archaeology, textiles, portrait collection of the erstwhile rulers of the state and armoury of the Royal army.

The Khwairamband Bazar is the perfect place for shopping enthusiasts, where all the shopkeepers are women. 

Situated at 8 kms from Imphal, lies this tower which has salvaged the remains of time in the form of Palace, temples and ceremonial houses.  

Khomghampat Orchidarium
7 kms from Imphal on Highway No. 39, is the Central Orchidarium, which covers 200 acres and houses over 120 rare varieties of orchids, which include almost a dozen endemic species. The peak blooming season is April-May.

Manipur Zoological Gardens
The Manipur zoological Garden is at the foot of the pine growing hills at Iroisemba on the Imphal-Kangchup Road.  You well find here the graceful Brow Antlered Deer, one of the rarest species in the world.



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