Tree House Manali
Himachal Pradesh.

Ever dreamed of living on a tree?

Tree House Manali
is a unique, one-of-a-kind family-run Tree House service, set in the picturesque Kullu-Manali valley, Himachal Pradesh, India.

Created beautiful, so that visitors from around the world could get a feel of living in the authentic and natural atmosphere of the majestic Himalays and the rustic Himachal Pradesh.
Set in a landscape of 1.5 hectres, Tree House Manali are surrounded by lush green lawn, apple, plum and walnut orchard groves, dotted by bunches of colourful scented flowers.

If you're looking for a holiday in the Himalays, away from clutter of tourists and commercial hotels, then head over to our Tree House Manali. Tree House Manali are approved by the Himachal Pradesh Tourism Department(HPTDC), for tweleve years now, awarded by the Chief Minister for our outstanding services, and most impostantly won the hearts of travellers and tourists from all over the globe.

Whether you're a family out on a holiday, a honeymooning couple looking for a romantic getaway, a single globetrotter, a group of bird-watches and nature-lovers, or a gang of adventure sports enthusiasts, Tree House Manali is the place to be.
Ever dreamed of living on a tree? Ever wished you could do so without giving up the luxuries of a civilized life? Well, your wish just came true!

Tree House Manali have designed a completely modern, yet authentic, wooden house, atop a tree. It offers you breath-taking views of the gandeur of the Himalayan mountains, the sweet sound of birds singing, fresh crisp air, and cosy interiors. It is also afixed with a completely modern bath and toilet!
Tree House
Tree House Manali are proud to say that our Tree House cottage is only one in the whole of Himachal Pradesh.
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