Pratapgarh Farms
Jhajjar, Haryana.

Pratapgarh Farms
Day Picnic Package Rs. 1230/- include unlimited food fun and activities in a Pratapgarh Farm For Booking Call 9810002772, 9910002772. (Booking Amount 15% of the Total)
pratapgarh farm Located just 46 kms away from Gurgaon, Pratapgarh Farm is a welcome refuge from the city madness. Spread over an area of 12 acres of lush green, pratapgarh farm presents rural life in its colorful best. pratapgarh farm gives you an opportunity to break free from the mundane urban lifestyle and experience the real India which, pratapgarh farm is said, resides in the villages. pratapgarh farms like surrendering yourself to the enticing natural beauty and rediscover your roots. Just the ideal place to bring a breeze of fresh air in your busy life.
Pratapgarh Farms View
Pratapgarh Farms Agricultural Farms
Pratapgarh Farms Agricultural
Pratapgarh farms The real flavour of rural India - Adventure, entertainment, sports, heritage, cuisine, dresses, handicraft… let your students witness the myriad hues of rural India under one roof.

Pratapgarh farm Facilites : Field valley ball, Badminton & kite flying, Village games like kanchee golee, Gulee, danda, Pithoo, Stappoo, Soccer, Cricket, Shooting gulel, air gun, darts, archery, tug-of-war, singing & Dancing, mud & tube well both, camel and bullock cort riding & tractor rides, spider net, burma brigge & valley crossing.

Pratapgarh Farms Activities
Pratapgarh Farms Activities Center
Pratapgarh Farms Activities View
Day Picnic pratapgarh farm
At Pratap garh Farms there’s no room for boredom. Take your pick from a wide range of fun and adventure facilities and make every moment memorable.

Family Picnic pratapgarh farm
Pratapgarh farms also organized birthday party, family gettogether party ,wedding party, friends gettogether and lot of fun with natural and enjoyble enviornment.
Pratapgarh Farms Activities View
Pratapgarh Farms Camel
Pratapgarh Farms  Camel Riding
Pratapgarh farms Adventure;
Burma Bridge, Valley Crossing, Camel and Bullock cart riding, Tractor rides.

pratapgarh farm Pratap garh Fun
Mud & Tube well bath, Singing & dancing, Shooting gulel, air gun, darts, Archery, Village Games like Kanchee Golee, Gulee danda, Pithoo, Stappoo, Field Volley ball & Badminton, Kite flying.

Pratapgarh Farms nature class room
Pratapgarh Farms Camel Ride View
Pratapgarh Farms Camel Ride  with Children’s
For Educational Institute
Welcome to the Pratap garh nature’s classroom.
Let’s introduce you to our teachers- the green fields, the whispering winds, the grazing cattle, the butterflies, the sparrows, the ducklings and the tranquil lake. pratapgarh farm are about to begin a unique teaching session where you learn a trick or two about milking a cow or take a crash course in farming, paint the mud walls with the colours of your imagination, test your patience while fishing in the lake, or upgrade your scientific vocabulary with names of flowers and trees.

Green fields, blue sky
Go for a day out in the farm-lands. Dance through the mustard fields and meet the scare-crow, climb the hay stack, drench yourself in the sprinklers, climb the ropes onto the machaan and try your luck through the Kisan ki Bhulbhulaiyan. Don’t get surprised if you come across a rabbit in the rabbit hole. You can also visit the Agricultural Museum riding the tractor and learn the functioning of farming equipments. Who knows, you may return home with a new interest.

Enough of studying. Take a break. Now, let’s wind out and break free. Chase the chickens, go for a ride in the bullock cart or camel, play rural games like kabaddi, pithoo or gullee danda, flex your muscles in the akhara, fly the kite, learn pottery or just indulge in wild adventure by trying your hand in rope climbing or mud bath. Truly, the fun refuses to end here.

Switch off the television

pratapgarh farm Get ready for some live entertainment in the evening. Dress up in village attire and soak yourself in the rural culture. Match your feet with the intriguing tunes of the folk songs, lie down on the chowki and gaze the stars in the clear sky or just listen to folk lore. Unadulterated fun is guaranteed.
Pratapgarh Farms Bullock
Pratapgarh Farms Bullock cart
Pratapgarh Farms Bullock cart riding
pratapgarh farm - Feast for your heart
Chakki fresh foods, pure desi ghee, farm fresh vegetables and milk served hot from traditional chulhas- a completely different gastronomical experience is in the waiting for you.

pratapgarh farm - Learn while you have fun
More than fun and adventure, Pratapgarh Farms & Resort offers a platform to carry out project works. We have the infrastructure to assist students hone their skills in varied subjects.

pratapgarh farm Facilities At A Glance
At Pratapgarh Farms & Resort there’s no room for boredom. Take your pick from a wide range of fun and adventure facilities and make every moment memorable.

Pratapgarh farms Adventure
Burma Bridge, Valley Crossing, Camel and Bullock cart riding, Tractor rides.

Pratapgarh farms Fun.
Mud & Tube well bath, Singing & dancing, Shooting gulel, air gun, darts, Archery, Village Games like Kanchee Golee, Gulee danda, Pithoo, Stappoo, Field Volley ball & Badminton, Kite flying.

pratapgarh farm - Projects
Gardening and Nursery, Agricultural activities, Crop rotation, Horticulture, Dairy farming, Poultry farming, Mushroom cultivation, Bee keeping, Waste management, Organic farming & manure production, Brick making, Pottery making with master craftsman, Fishery, Weaving, Clay modelling, Art and sculpture.

Pratapgarh Farms Rooster
Pratapgarh Farms Bridge
Pratapgarh Farms Children’s activities
No Alarms
Wake Up To The Cooing Of A Rooster. For A Change, You Don’t Have To Run With Time. Go For A Jog Barefooted In The Green Grasses, Feed The Pigeons, Warm Up In The Akhara, Visit The Dairy Or Paddle Down The Muddy Alleys In A Bicycle. Make A Perfect Beginning To Your Day.

Green Signal

pratapgarh farm Welcome To The Green Fields And The Open Sky. Here, There Is No Red Lights To Stop You. Head Out For A Joy Ride In A Bullock Cart, Visit The Agricultural Farms, Go Fishing In The Lake, Fuel Your Creativity By Trying Your Hand In The Potter’s Wheel Or By Spinning Yarn In The Charkhas. You Will Surely Plough Back A Whole New Experience When You Return.

pratapgarh farm - A Different Board Game
Revive The Lost Team Spirit Over A Game Of Kabaddi, Develop Grounds For Healthy Competition By Challenging Colleagues In Tug-Of-War, Shoot Out Your Stress In The Shooting Range, Go Wild In The Valley Crossing. Enjoy The Fun Of Being Yourself.

pratapgarh farm Dining : Served with warmth and love Chakki fresh Atta (freshly ground flour from the best local grain), farm fresh vegetables, combined with local favorites - Makkhan (white butter), Chach (butter milk), Desi Ghee(clarified butter) and selected Masalas (spices) produce a treat of fresh flavor and a uniquely different taste - a culinary experience you would like to savor for a long time. The farm is located in close vicinity of Delhi within the National Capital region and yet in the countryside that has retained its typical rural flavor for centuries. The cuisines are a combination of the simple and yet nourishing food of the hard working farmers, the enterprising migrant Punjabi business community and influences from Neighboring Rajasthan.

Pratapgarh Farms Horse
Pratapgarh Farms Open class  Room
Pratapgarh Farms Vermin compost
pratapgarh farm - Meetings & Workshops
Come Closer To Ground Realities As You Go For A Mud Bath, Forget The Corporate Ladder As You Climb Up The Machan, Lie Down Under The Tree And Quietly Chalk Out Your Future Plans. Spend Some Time With Yourself.

pratapgarh farm - Dress Code
For Once, You Don’t Have To Search Your Wardrobe Before A Party. A Simple Village Attire Will Score Above Anything Else. Sit In The Village Courtyard And Have A Chat With Friends While Taking A Puff In The Hookka. Cleanse Your Soul With Some Pure Folk Music Or Match Your Feet With The Folk Songs. Make The Most Out Of The Evening.

Feast For Your Heart
Chakki Fresh Foods, Pure Desi Ghee, Farm Fresh Vegetables And Milk Served Hot From Traditional Chulhas- A Completely Different Gastronomical Experience Is In The Waiting For You In The Dinner. And If It’s Winter, You Can Also Add The Spice Of A Bonfire To Make It More Memorable.

pratapgarh farm - Facilities At A Glance
At Pratapgarh Farms & Resort There’s No Room For Boredom. Take Your Pick From A Wide Range Of Fun And Adventure Facilities And Make Every Moment Memorable.

pratapgarh farm Adventure
Burma Bridge, Valley Crossing, Camel And Bullock Cart Riding, Tractor Rides.

pratapgarh farm - Fun
Mud & Tube Well Bath, Singing & Dancing, Shooting Gulel, Air Gun, Darts, Archery, Village Games Like Kanchee Golee, Gulee Danda, Pithoo, Stappoo, Field Volley Ball & Badminton, Kite Flying.

Day Package 2019


Day Package (Timings - 0930 0530 Hrs)

Rs. 1230/- per person (10 years above).

Rs.690/- per child (5-10 years).

Accompanying Children below five years (maximum upto two with a couple)
are complementary.

All inclusive price Including Tax food and all activities.

Day Picnics - School Package

1st - 8th standard: Rs.600/- per student

9th - 12th Standard: Rs.640/- per student.

One teacher shall be free for every 15 students. Extra teachers and staff will be charged extra

Sara Din (available throughout the day): Neembu Shikanjee, Chacch, Tea and Pakoras, Kadhai doodh, Jalebi, Makee Bajre ki roti with desi Ghee, Gur, and Lahsoon ki Chatni. Bajre Ki Khichri with Ghee Bura, Ganne (sugarcane as per season) straight from the field. Kindly note that Winter cuisine like makee bajre ki roti will be replaced by other snack during warm weather. .

Mazedar Nashta - Breakfast (09.00-12.00 am): Stuffed Paranthas with safed makhan, Poori Bhaaji, Achaar and Chatni Bread Pakoras, Tea.

Dopahar Ka Shahi Khanna - Lunch (1.30 3.30 pm): Missi/Tawa Roti, Chowmein, Jeera Rice, Rajma, Kadhi, Sarson Ka Saag or Seasonal Vegetable, Paneer Shahi, Dahi or Raita, Makhan, Chatni, Achar, ,Halwa Papad, Chatni, Achar and Jaggery, Green Salad.

1. We serve and cook in RO water. Bottled water and Cold drinks are not included in the package but can be purchased over the counter.

Enjoyment: DJ Music, Been and Dholki Dance. Rides: Camel ride, Camel cart ride, Bullock cart ride, Tractor ride. Ethnic Games: Gilli Danda, Pithoo, Lattoo, Kanche goli, Archery, Gulel (sling shot), Dart shooting, Air gun shooting, Kushti, Kabbadi, Kite flying, Tug of war. Sports: Cricket, Soccer, Volleyball and Badminton, Croquet, Trampoline jumping Indoor Games: Table Tennis, Carrom, Chess, Ludo and Snakes and ladders. Natural beauty care and Relaxation activities: Mehndi (henna application),mud bath and tubewell bath. Rural Domestic activities: Rural Kitchen participate with rural women and menfolk in their colorful attires cooking on hearth, pounding grain, grinding grains, making ghee and butter millk, Panihari Chaal (balancing water pails), Charkha weaving. Rural Creative Activities : Pottery, mud lep (applying mud paste to houses) and painting frescoes on mud walls, matka painting Agriculture and Dairy Activities: Tending goats, cows, buffaloes and goats, ploughing, sowing, reaping, winnowing. Visit to Farm: Dairy farm, Poultry farm, Biogas plant, Vermi-composting plant, Herb Garden, Nakshatra Vatika, Navgriha Vatika, Triphla Kunj, Panchvati, Bodh Vatika.

Note: We serve and cook in RO water. Bottled water and Cold drinks are not included in the package but can be purchased over the counter. We do not permit consumption of alcoholic drinks.

We do not allow guests who are found to be under the influence of liquor or any other illegal materials.

Any person found with any illegal substance or material in his/her possession shall not be allowed to enter and if need be, handed over to the law enforcement authorities.

In the above situations, no refund queries will be entertained for booking or for any other expense incurred to reach the farm.


Tele : +91: 9810002772, 9910002772.