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National Rail Museum
National Rail Museum is located In Chanakya Puri. It is unique in its collection of rail engines and locomotives. India was among the countries which had railway lines since 19th century. The locomotives in the museums are displayed in open. But they also have a small in house museum which gives the details of the progress and development in the history of railway in India.

National Museum

Located on Janpath, National museum is one of the treasure houses of the our glorious past. The museum has a large collection of excavated items many of which date back to 2nd and 3rd century B.C. The museum has separate section for the Harrapa (Indus valley civilisation) collection. Recently the museum added a very interesting section of Jewellery collection. Apart from the regular sections the museum has regular exhibition on different themes. Information about any such exhibition can be obtained from the museum itself or from the tourist offices. A daily film show is organised in the auditorium of the museum and it is closed on Monday.

Nehru Museum & Planetorium

The Teen Murti house was the residence of India's first Prime minister Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru. After his death the house was converted into a memorial. The Nehru memorial has a collection of gifts and many other items which he possessed. Nehru Planetorium is within the compound of Teen Murti. This planetorium gives a overview of the Indian Space program. There are daily film shows which are screened in a specially designed auditorium. These films are meant to give information about the Universe or any other topic related to that. The Capsule in which Rakesh Sharma went into space is also kept here.


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