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Jammu is actually a combination of two towns. The older one overlooks the river from a hill top and the new town is across the river. Jammu is essentially a town of temples and shrines. The Raghunath temple located in the heart of the city is the largest temple complex in northern India. The Bawey Wali Mata temple inside Bahu fort has pilgrims coming one over the other to worship the Goddess. Opposite to the fort is a temple dedicated to Mahamaya. The Dargah of Peer Budhan Ali Shah is another shrine which attracts devotees from all faiths and religions. Peer Kho cave temple, Panchbakhtar and Ranbireshwar are famous Shiva temples. Peer Mitha is another famous shrine of Jammu. Apart from these there are places of worship of Christians, Muslims and Sikhs. This shows the communal harmony which prevails in the city.

Along the banks of river Tawi is located majestic Bahu fort. This fort once guarded the city from foreign invasions. But the green terraced gardens, waterfalls and flowers of all kinds has made it a symbol of peace and grandeur. On weekends this is favourite place for picnic. Jammu is a also good place for shopping. Shops here mix the century old handicraft tradition of Kashmir with modern fashion and offer some great bargains.



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