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To enrich the memories of your holiday in Gangtok you can carry back the most exquisite souvenirs. Choose from the cunningly crafted furniture, the Lepcha weave bags, Intricately woven carpets and the beautiful artefacts in wood and bamboo. Gangtok is a souvenir hunter's paradise.

Handicrafts :

A wide variety of handicrafts is available for the tourist to take back as souvenirs, showpieces and even items of daily use in the Government Institute of cottage Industry and the many curio shops in Gangtok. Canvas wall hangings depicting paintings on different aspects of sikkim can cost from Rs 20 to Rs 200. Most of these paintings portray face profiles of tribals, 8 lucky signs, dragons, religious processions etc. Thankas or religious scrolls can also be purchased but these are very expensive and cost above Rs. 500. Choksees are small wooden tables about one and half to two feet in height with intricate local Tibetan designs on the sides. They are collapsible and can easily be carried.

Big Cardamom or Bari Elaichi :

Cardamom or Elachi grows in abundance in sikkim and costs about Rs 100 per kg. A few hundred grams should be purchased.

Carpets :

Tibetan woolen carpets are very expensive and are adorned with intericate designs and patterns reflecting the art and culture of this state. Made of pure sheep wool, these carpets use brilliant vegetable dyes.

Jewellery :

The exquisitely carved Dragon sets of silver and gold inlaid with precious stones are unique to Sikkim. These consist of finely designed dragons on earrings, pendants, finger-rings etc and can be ordered either in silver or gold.

Tea :

Sikkim tea, which is mainly grown in Temi Tea Estate, is famous the world over and carries a big premium in the world market. The tea is characterised by its exotic taste and flavour and costs about Rs.100 per kg. It sells by the brand name of "Solja" and "Kanchendzonga" and is it a good idea to carry a few packets back home.




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