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Meghalaya or 'abode of the clouds', is a source of inspiration to any poet, a dramatic canvas for an artist's dream, and the ideal retreat for people in search of beauty and solitude. Declared as a state on 21st January, 1972, Meghalaya is one of the most picturesque states of India, offering a spectrum of sylvan surroundings, rich cultural heritage, misty heights, breathtakingly beautiful waterfalls, luxurious vegetation, flora and fauna.


Carved out of the former state of Assam, Meghalaya is one of the seven sister states of the North Eastern region, bordered by Assam in the north and Bangladesh in the south. It is among the wettest places on earth - little wonder that Meghalaya means, Abode of Clouds. The state has a picturesque colonial capital, Shillong, and is home to an extraordinary diversity of people, which includes the Khasia, Jantia and Garo tribes.

Meghalaya experiences the two seasons, of winter and monsoon, and is characterized by a cool climate throughout the year. The Cherapunjee - Mawsynram belt in the southern slopes of Khasi Hills records the heaviest rainfall in the world. Numerous rivers flow through Meghalaya, although none of them are navigable, due to rocky beds and strong currents.

A predominantly tribal population, the original inhabitants of this state are Khasis, Jaintias and Garos. Khasis and Jaintias trace their ancestry to the Mongolian race, while the Garos belong to the Tibeto-Burman race. Their cultural traits and ethnic origins remain distinctive, mainly due to their geographical isolation. The Khasi language spoken here, is believed to be one of the few surviving dialects of the Mon-Khmer family of languages, in India. Short, muscular, robust and of complexions that vary from fair to dark brown, the tribal people of Meghalaya are sociable, cheerful, hardworking and great lovers of music and beauty.

The traditional costume of this place is the 'Jainsem' and the 'Dhara', though the younger generation has now taken to western clothes.


Places To See :

Crinoline Falls: Near to lady Hyd

ari park. It also has a swimming pool.

State Museum: Covering Flora, Fauna, Culture and anthropology of Meghalaya.

Butterfly Museum :

Owned and Run by  a Private company who breed Butterflies.

Anglican Graveyard :

A graveyard of the British with inscriptions on the gravestones giving various causes of the death.

Mawsynram :

Wettest place on Earth. Just 55 kms from Shillong. Mawjymbuin Cave is a major Attraction.

Jakrem :

Hotsprings, 66 kms from Shillong.



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