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Apart from the generally common festivals that are celebrated here, there are many more that are unfamiliar. These festivals are celebrated with pomp and splendour as they brings to life, the fervour of the people of the State and those from other places visiting the state. The festivals are not a lavish affair though. They serve as a refreshing break from the monotonous routines of the locals.

Local Festivals


The festival mainly belongs to or has been originated in the Telangana region and is hence, very special to the locals there. Celebrated with liveliness and enthusiasm, this festival continues for a month. The idol of the Goddess Batkamma is worshipped during this time. It is then left afloat gently on the rivers and lakes.

Batkamma Panduga

The Telangana area also plays host to another widely known festival that falls on Asvija Shuddha Dasami (Sep/Oct), called Batkamma Panduga. Celebrated for nine days in a row, this festival is dedicated to a married Vaisya woman, who was killed by her own brother at the instigation of his wife. Legend has it that the victim was reborn in her grave as a flowering tree.

During both these celebrations, there are dance performances, music, dramas and a variety of entertainment as thousands of tourists and locals too, flock to witness the happenings.

Religious Festivals


Also famous as the harvest festival, it is believed that Sankranti marks the entry of the sun into the northern hemisphere. Sacred to the Hindus, the Sun God is worshipped on this day. Kite Flying is also considered auspicious and rangoli forms the major attraction of any household's doorstep. This is a three-day festival celebrated with much pomp and splendour. It generally falls in mid-January.

Ugadi is celebrated in the months of March and April and is also famous as the Telugu New Year. House-cleaning, painting, decorating with mango leaves forms a major part of the celebration process performed in each household. Mahashivratri is celebrated in the months of February and March. The festival is dedicated to the worship of Lord Shiva. It is held to acquire the blessings of the Lord through fasts and penance. Diwali, the festival of lights is no exception. The Goddess of Wealth, Lakshmi, is the main deity worshipped during this festival.

The Tribal festivals are also celebrated with equal fervour and enjoyment as they form a part of the religious traditions prevailing in the state. There are feasts held accompanied by dancing and music. The temple festival called the Chandana Yatra, is held during March-April. The venue is Simhachalam. Homage is paid during the festival to the reigning deity Narasimha. Sandalwood paste is applied to the deity. The pilgrims gather and surround to watch the priest smear the paste on the idol of the Lord.

Pushkaram is another festival held on the banks of the river Godavari. This festival is held in Rajahmundry and it is celebrated only once in 12 years. Of the few other festivals celebrated with utmost fervour, here, is the Ramanavami. It is held at the Sri SitaRamachandraswamy temple, once a year during the months of March-April. The venue for this festival is Bhadrachalam near Warangal. Bonalu, a festival of colours and poetry, is when women, decked in beautiful attire rally around Devi Mahankali. The devi is a heap of flowers adorning a pot.

Vinayaka Chaturthi is the festival of Ganesha, the pot bellied, elephant headed son of Shiva. The Brahmotsavam in September-October and the Rathotsavam are also among the popular festivals of this place. Muharram, celebrated in Hyderabad, is very popular as the morning of Benaras and the evening of Oudh.



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